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  1. yes, I know that, however I want to make it as safe as possible get less errors on my page. my program thing says that my website looks like it is transitional.
  2. I am going to have less errors in my coding, I don't mind if it is strict or not, I do not want my website to get "hacked"
  3. I need help validating my menu.phphttp://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&am....com%2Fmenu.phpthat is the information from my menu file and it says I have 43 errors, I know that my menu works wonderfully however I cannot fix the errors. what is the other way to strict to a different one that will help me fix my errors? On my other files it says when I do this type of coding <p>text</p> it marks it as a error.I converted all my files into XHTML from HTML by hand and everything is working great, but it says I have well over 40 errors on some of my pages. so is there a "loose" DOCTYPE or something?
  4. Nightmare

    css help.

    EDIT, I found out my CSS coding problem, all is fix, and all is well.
  5. I added the CSS file again, and the text went to the left of it, which is great however it went back to the way it was. I would edit the css but I don't have any dd and dt in my menu code, I only have tr and td in the code. also every time there is a link, it will place a box around the link and make the only text on that line on the page. you can see it on my homepage.I want my menu to look like this menu on my site, its the same menu on my homepage but from the css it is different. also on my site when I do this;Welcome to <a href="">End Time Watcher</a> I want it to look like a normal html text link, IE End Time Watcher and not in some big a** box that takes up the whole line lol
  6. I know they are not getting paid to do this, I messed around with the css all day yesterday and couldn't find out how to do it.EDIT: I got the first menu that I wanted to add I cannot get the text to the right side of it, can someone view my coding to see what I did wrong? I took the menu that you guys made me, and took the coding and added to my first menu so the text could be on the right side but the text is still all under the menu.
  7. I changed the gray background to white, so that works find, how ever I cannot seem to change the link blocks without it going all HAY WIRED! so please help me out.
  8. k, I tried it, and it works however at ./christ/jesus.php its all wrong. I don't want the little color areas in the link areas. please help me, also check my home page too to see what I mean. an also I want the gray areas in my page to be hidden, no color at all, cause my header is going to be my logo and my footer my quote. here is an image of what I mean../images/help.pngI want the big black square area to be the background color [white] and the big red circles to be like normal text on the page.also I like your menu but if you can tell me to change it so it is the one that I want it will be awesome too. ./hidden/old/menu2.php
  9. well, I did but I need the .css file I think.
  10. I like the first one, how to do I make my website like that?
  11. its an html file and not a xhtml file. I am going to convert it into xhtml later when I am done building my website.
  12. well I put that in my menu.php and it did not work for me
  13. how can I keep the text to my right side of my page? in ./christ/salvation.php the text goes under the menu, I want it to go to the right of it. also how can you keep the text from not ever going under the menu because I want to place my ads if I even get them under my menu.
  14. Nightmare


    sorry for DP. but I noticed that if the page is bigger than the menu, it will go under the menu. is there anyway to get the menu to be fully on the left side of the page? however I don't want it to be stretched out, but under the menu just to be white, and only white?
  15. Nightmare


    thank you so very much, it works now!!!!
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