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  1. Hi I am working on php .i want to refresh web page after updating the data into database that who are connected(multiple users from different systems) to my website. that i 'm maintains log in users count in my website.after new user loging i want to change the count of users . Any suggestions or advice would be great.
  2. swetha

    Rss Feeds

    Yes i tried from google,but din't found any one .i tried with the keyword of 'rss feeds for live gold/silver price '
  3. swetha

    Rss Feeds

    Hiwhere can i find the the rss feeds for live gold/silver prices .Pls help me any body,its very urgent for me.RegardsSwetha
  4. swetha

    Db Selection

    Hi We are going to develop windows application(VB.NET) for Articles full text search .Client is going to distribute this application through CD-ROM.Actually my doubt is which database is good for this application?This database can’t install in user system it will access from CD-ROM only?Please Guide me any one. Thanks for any Help
  5. Thanks for ur help.i removed the characters,but some 'square boxes' are there.how to remove that boxes?Once again thanks for ur help.
  6. Hellomy database got filled with strange characters like this ’ … – “ †‘ my database collections are "utf8_unicode_ci".how can i remove these characters?Thanks in advance. Swetha
  7. Asked any tough question or didn't understand to any body?
  8. HelloI'm Developing my first project on Vb.net.Now i'v small problem with mdi container.in my mdi container have toolbar,in that previous ,next buttons are there.in another form datagridview is there,now i want to move datagridview reselt set using that prev,next buttons(these buttons are in parent form).don't have any idea regarding that.pls help me any one.its very urgent to meThanks is adavance...........
  9. swetha

    Max Date

    HIi've small problem in mysql.in my table i've 2 dates fields createdon,modifiedon.How can i know which is latest modified record(i.e either modified or created date)please help me any one its urgent to methanks for any help.
  10. HiWht is the latest version of ASP(Not DOTNET).Is any new vesions releasing?Can anybody tell meThanks in advance....
  11. Hi FriendThanks for ur reply.but i don't want to validate all fields .some fields are enough.at that time how to validate.
  12. Actually my problem wasi'm creating textboxes through dynamically.so my textbox values are like textbox1,textbox2,.......i want to validate those textboxes.how can i get the field names.i'm using ajax to creating the textboxes.
  13. Hii getting small problem please help me any body.This is my problem <script language="javascript"> <?php $j=1; ?> var x; for (var x = 1; x <=12; x++) { <?php $j=$j+1; ?> }</script>when i print the $j value its printing 2 only.But ans is 13.please help me to sort out this problem.
  14. swetha


    Hiin my table autoincrement field is 1000.but total records are 300 only.can i reset the auto increment value.mean when i add next record autoincrement value is 301.is this possiblue?please help me any one to sortout this problem.Swetha
  15. swetha


    Hi,How to create indexes and how to write queries using that indexes. in mysqli'm new to MYSQL.Please help me anybody.Thanks in advanceSwetha
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