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  1. I used animated gifs to display the flags of 3 countries on the opening page. They are in one div and there is no lag on the page opening. The flags contain 5 or 6 frames. Here is the link to the site http://www3.sympatico.ca/b-c.collier/index.html
  2. Paint is a part of all Windows programs. Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint or just do a Search if you can't find it. Using Paint to Crop part of an image:1. open PAINT2. click EDIT>PASTE3. On the left side bar, choose the SELECT tool (the dotted rectangle) so that the dotted lines bordering your picture disappear.4. Using your left mouse button, draw down and across to cover the area you want cropped.5. Click on EDIT>CUT6. Click on FILE >NEW7. When it asks you to "Save changes to Untitled", say NO.8. Click on EDIT>PASTE.9. click FILE>SAVE AS10. Browse to
  3. I must correct one of my statements in post #3 and apologize if I mislead anyone. I did use containers and divs on the page. However, the float property is ignored when absolute positioning is used. Below is an example of the use of a div with absolute positioning that is problematic; <div class="branch" style="position:absolute;top:269px;left:209px;">_________________________________________________</div> Since I have the page displayed as I intend, I'll leave it as it is. I intend to do some rewriting of the code, so I will try to use the float property rather than absolute p
  4. Thanks for your reply. I validated all my pages before hosting them. This is the result of the today's validation. This document was successfully checked as HTML 4.01 Strict!
  5. Thanks for your reply. I do not use div on the page, so float does not seem to be a solution unless I am mistaken. I read this on the W3Schools site; Definition and UsageThe float property specifies whether or not a box (an element) should float.Note: Absolutely positioned elements ignores the float property! I found a remedy by using the HTML code – (en dash) rather than the underscore on the keyboard or the HTML code — (em dash). This works on my computer, so I assume it will work when I upload the new file. I'll report back.
  6. I am using absolute positioning to create Family Trees. I originally coded for IE. The page does not display the same in Firefox. I now realize that I should have coded for Firefox and then tried to write some code so that it displays properly in IE. I can write the code so that it displays properly in FF, but in IE it does not display the same. The link to one of the pages is below. The problem with this page is the horizontal line above the last three names, and the vertical lines leading to the names. In IE it is positioned correctly, but in FF the line is too short. When I correct t
  7. In each of the above I see one opening "}" but two closing "}"
  8. In HTML character entity reference the codes are Ñ and ñ or "apersand symbol, number symbol, 209" with no spaces; or ampersand symbol, number symbol, 241" with no spaces.
  9. Thank you for your help. I wanted to open the video in Windows Media Player rather than have it embedded in the page. I tried different codes and settled on the flv extension that "dsonesuk" advised. I added a statement about allowing the file to play if a dialogue box appears. I'll be asking the family to test the added video.
  10. I understand that Windows Media Player is installed with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. I am trying to have the video open without too much effort on behalf of the reader, since not all are computer literate.Windows Media PlayerW3Schools lists the embed tag as deprecated. "Note: The <embed> tag is deprecated. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommend using the <object> tag instead." Thus I don' t want to us the the embed tag.embed tag is deprecatedI have a plug-in for WMV in FFI changed the file extension to avi and now in FF after clicking on the link, A window opens AskingI pre
  11. I converted a flv file, using Format Factory that my sister created, to wmv format to include on the family web site. I ran the file from my computer in IE8, which launched it in Windows Media Player. I tried to run it in FF3, but another tab opens with no video. There is a Play button at the bottom that does not work. The window reads "Ready" just above the Play . . .Here is the code to summon the video. I read about using "object data", but am not certain how to write the code or if it is necessary.Please point me in the right direction for the appropriate code to open the video in Win
  12. SillyBilly


    You could use Factory Format to convert a file to FLV format. It is free to download from Factory Format
  13. Thanks Real Illusions. A width of 75% for the middle div was too large (25 + 75 + 25 >100).Your suggestions did point me in the right direction. I was able to adjust the code to have the page display well in both resolutions. Now I'm on to the other 14 pages that need to be changed. Not all of them have the same problem. I may be back.
  14. I created my web pages using a screen resolution of 800x600 px. I am trying to make the pages display correctly using a resolution of 1024x768 px. I initially tried to use a width of 30% for each of the divs to hold the flags. I tried many combinations of code and can get the left div and the right div to display correctly by padding and floating the right div to the right.However, I cannot get the flag in the mid div to center over the text in the middle column.Any suggestions will be appreciated. Here is a link to the site Visit My WebsiteHere is the relevant code<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "
  15. Look at this site for a solution. You can Google "rounded corners + HTML" for more info.Rounded Corners
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