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    Calendar.set(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH, int date).Also check the URL http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/api/ja...ml#setDate(int)
  2. Hey, the symblo # is used to navigate within the page, just try out some examples
  3. Hi,Can you please paste the content of (at least a snippet of) the code here? Also, can you please tell where did you please your jsp file and how are you trying to access that from the browser?
  5. Hi,I want to build a website to play some of the Radio stations online. I want to develop them in java. However, after googling so much, I did not find any tips as to how to start with. Can anyone please suggest how java can communicate to the radio stations? If there is simpler ways in other languages like PHP, please let me know.Even if you can give some links, please send me. Thank you very much,Vijay
  6. Hi Synook!Thank you very much. Though I was already familiar with that method document.getElementsByTagName, i did not get this idea.Once again, Thank you very much.Are there any other approaches as well? Please respond if you know any.Best regards,Vijay
  7. Hi Ingolme!Thank you very much for Your suggestion. Can you please let me know how to suggest the javascript to take some action when it encounters a user defined attribute?Once again, thanks a lot for your response.Thank you,Vijay
  8. Hi All!In dojo toolkit I found that they are embedding widgets in HTML by custom HTML Attributes like below,<DIV dojotype="Titlepane"></DIV>Where the dojotype Attribute for the Div has been added by the DOJO. And by adding that attribute, that div has become Movable, resizable..etc. And the styles are also applied to that div. I would like to request you all to please let me know if you know how this could be achieved. Thank you all in advance,Vijay
  9. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I guess this may work. And I have something else in mind. Shall we have some method on object like wait, which we can invoke to wait till it is not used by anyone?
  10. Hi,I want to know how can we make the threads wait for an Object. Can you please give any suggestions?Thank you very much,Vijay
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