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  1. Thank you I'll try that, the out put for data is .txt file and the rendered graph is .png format, so if it would run it in server I can upload that picture back easily.
  2. The orginal problem was the refresh problem. So you still recommend to use JS for my graphs ? I made so much with PHP that it would kill me now to restart. Also the data comes from csv file and I don't think that JS could deal with it.
  3. I understand that it would take some time, but not as much if I would make all functions to run when I load the page for the first time, or realod again the main part and then + some other functions. I need to have same page but to run more PHP and add to that page.
  4. That file would have those functions, one for creating right format data, and other for rendering my chart and then using JS I could show the rendered picture in previous page.
  5. First I would like to try running my php functions, becouse I spent a lot time of making them. Maybe I could run another .php file in server or somehow without showing it to the user ?
  6. Hello, I am making a statistical web program. After I sort and load phone numbers in table I need to make a function that will draw graphs for those phone numbers, I have made that and it works, but before it creates these graphs it needs to run few functions to generate data for them to be drawn and becouse there is a lot of types of graphs there is a lot of functions and already the page is loading to long. So what I want to do is after the phone numbers have been checked and I press a certain button for type of graph, that it would run those funtions without reloading the page and graphs
  7. Ignotas

    PHP forms

    Hello I now I am going to ask stupid question which is not worth new topic but I can't find answer any where. Can I run function in same page after clicking submit button and how do I do it ? Thank you for your answers. New guestion How do I keep form select type values after reloading page ?
  8. Thank you your answers, I think I'll try doing with PHP. And is there any PHP library or chapter for working with text and files ?
  9. So it's not possible to start a programm in server and then take sorted data from .txt file ? Becouse I already have a programme I only need to make few cganges to it.
  10. HelloI'm just starting working with web pages and I have an assinment for work to make web application (if you could call it that way) which has to take .txt file from one server then sort data which is in it and then display it on the web page. The data looks like this:2013.5.14 00:03:22;"555000000000000000";22;"ANSWERED". I have to take data lines only from certain date, delete numers which repeat, count their call duration, average call duration and display it on the web page. My question is can make such sorting with Php ? Or can I run programm in server, on click of the button on web page
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