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  1. Hi I have a requirement to show Table of contents on the region-start and the page content on the region body. And Table of contents also need to flow to the next page. All the content and the table of contents are dynamic and may span across any number of pages. I am using FOP-0.20 and i cannot upgrade it to the newer version. Can anyone provide the suggestion on this? Thanks Sireesha
  2. Hi I have a requirement to render tables into PDF from XML using XSL FO. My table have multi column headers, column headers may be different in the middle of the table. When i render this table into PDF, i want these column headers to be repeated on the continuing page of PDF when the table breaks in to another page. I can use table header, but the dynamic column headers which are different in the middle cannot be accommodated in this. Please suggest if there is any way to do this. Thanks in advance, Sireesha
  3. I have an XML with combination of English and Russian text. I am able toview English text properly in PDF. But Russian text is displayed as ####.What can be the solution for this?
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