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  1. The problem is that webkit browsers do it differently. Like the W3schools xml tutorials don't work except for the xmlhttprequest and parsing xml as string. The xml DOM doesn't work for Chrome (at least for me).
  2. What is the best book for Flash and Actionscript 3 for someone who has basic Flash knowledge (animations), but no Actionscript knowledge?
  3. One of the reason why people reinvent the wheels even if it is not outstanding is to attempt something new. What this mean is that even if it is not outstanding, it may lead to a whole branch of styles that are outstanding. For example, before Google's homepage design, websites were extremely complex with lots of links all over the place, yahoo, but after Google's homepage design, which is by no means outstanding, websites become a lot more simplistic in terms of visuals.Also, people don't use premade templates for customization purposes. Because the code are your own, you know exactly where t
  4. Is the site down? I can no longer access it.
  5. EXCELLENT websiteI would give it a 8/10 in design.not done with all the pages tho.Edit: anonymous is right, the pages do shift.
  6. This is definitely not a design suggestion as I think the design is pretty perfect already *although you could use some mouseover effect on the nav link, but that's purely suggestional and not critique*.I suggest you put the "who are we" in About Us as that makes more sense in there and What do we do in services to replace What can we do for you, as they basically mean the same thing *what you do is obviously what you can do, so why repeat it?*Replace "who are we" in home page with news and replace news with recent project or featured project.Those are just some suggestions, try them out and d
  7. IamTK


    I am currently busy right now, so i'll update this post with image explanations in the future. For now, i'll write it out.1. Try to talk about your school in your school website, and put that link in another part, for example, create an image and make that image the link and put that image under your nav bar with proper alignment of course.2. Be creative with content on your home page. Have school events, find school news. If there are no journalists, YOU will be the journalist. I was the webmaster/administrator of my high school website, and my team have to be journalists almost every day. To
  8. Roondog, thank you for your compliment and I appologize for not reading your articles and come to a conclusion that those are irrelavant pictures. More on those pictures tho, just headshots don't really say much about the article. It definitely works, but a way to improve it is to have the picture include something and not just a face for example a win may be the person holding a trophy? That is just a suggestion, this site is by far the best site i have to critique.
  9. IamTK

    new photography site

    Are you serious? Okok, first of all, have a direction in your design. What's your theme? Choose a color. What are you trying to convey? What is most important to you, body navigation, banner, etc? GET RID OF YOUR INDEX ENTER PAGE, It serves NO purpose. Your index enter page is not stylistically same as the rest of your pages.Repeating background image is an absolute NONO!Use background image only when it serves to make the site look better, not there just for the sake of an image. That is distracting, unprofessional, and genuinely ugly.No sense of direction in here. It's just a page with words
  10. Site Name: TK Technical SolutionsSite Description: Business/Creative website for webdevelopment and other facilities like TK Classroom for free online discussions.Site Owner/Developer: Me/RobertSite Address: http://www.tktechsolution.comExtra Comments: This site is still undergoing a lot of design changes and I don't have time at the moment so it wont be as good as I'd like it to be, any feedback is welcome of course.
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