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  1. I really want to thank all of you guys. Your help is very important to me and I'll give myself time to think about you told me. Right now, I feel like jumping into the HTML's sea and to learn everything. My only doubt is about my ability to do that, but that is a personal consideration. Again: thanks a lot! Dovid-Yitzhok
  2. Hello! Since I am thinking about building my own website from scratch, I have been wondering about the advantages of using Joomla instead of doing everything myself. I see that for an online store most people recommend to use an ecommerce software (like Prestashop, TomatoCart...) instead of building the website ourselves. Is that the same logic for a regular website? My idea would be to write my own template, but to use Joomla to publish my articles. Any advice?
  3. Hello! Few years ago, I read that it will soon possible to buy domains in languages using others letters that the a, b, c... Apparently, this didn't happen yet. Can somebody tell me something about it? Thank you.
  4. Hello! I enjoy learning new things every day, if possible. HTML, CSS, Java... are for me like - for many of you - Hebrew. Nevertheless, I speak Hebrew everyday! With the help of websites like this one, I'm planning to learn more and more and to build my own website, instead of running a blog with Blogger. It will take months, but with the help of some of you, I am optimistic. Meanwhile, I hope to be able to help others, with the little I know. Have a terrific day: in HTML, CSS, Hebrew... or whatever you want!
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