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  1. There's no email client that will display modern HTML and CSS properly (except web-based ones, since they use the browser's rendering engine). Padding, margins, floats and background images on divs (or tables) are just some of the things that Outlook can't render.You're going to have to get in your time machine, go back to the nineties, and use tables. Sorry.
  2. It returns to the top of the current page (the equivalent of pressing the Home key). A lot of developers use it to generate placeholder links - when coding, it doesn't matter where the links go, just that they are there and you can see how you're styling them.
  3. Thank you both. <div style="display: inline;"> fixed it up nicely. Yes, it confused me, too. Strange things the validator does sometimes.
  4. It's not much use to a Windows user, but my favourite is gedit. On Windows, I use Notepad.
  5. I've just installed IntenseDebate into my fledgling website, and am trying to post a comments link on the same line as some other information. Example: (Where underlined text is a link to the comments below). This works perfectly. However, ID runs off JavaScript - including the '# comments' link. I would therefore like to have the link change to something more useful, such as 'comments disabled', when people have scripting disabled.I've tried this:<p class="meta">December 11th, 2009 by Catherine Russell: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.intensedebate.com/js/genericLinkWrapperV2.js"></script><noscript>comments disabled</noscript></p> But the XHTML validator returns an error and tells me that the 'comments disabled' text must be inside <p> tags. This is fair enough, except that it results in 'comments disabled' appearing on a new line rather than on the same line as the rest of the text - which looks disjointed and messy. As you can see, the whole thing is already encased in a <p> tag.One of the pages in question (the one I'm stealing examples from) is here. My lorem ipsum is showing, please excuse.Is there any way to have my cake and eat it too, or is this a case where I'm going to have to choose between accessibility and aesthetics?
  6. Ah... and now it's working for me, too. So after all that, it was just Firefox playing silly blighters.Thanks for the help
  7. No, I haven't.On the older site (here), the banners on the entrance pages are iframes. When a text link inside them is clicked, they open in the whoel window, using _top. This works perfectly.On the new site (here), if you go to 'SW:KotOR' on the menu and then click 'Fanfiction', the page opens in a new window - or at least, it does for me. It's also using _top, however, and should open in the parent window, as the older site's links do.KotOR fanfiction is the only menu link that's currently working. Sorry, I should have mentioned that
  8. Plenty, and just about all of it is better than FP. Which isn't hard.You can write HTML in Notepad. Same for CSS and PHP, probably most of the others as well. Or, if you want pretty colours (they do help, easier to navigate if different tags stand out), get TextPad or similar.A good CSS tool is TopStyle. There's a freeware version as well as a paid version, though it has a few less features
  9. That probably would work better... however, I only have a limited amount of space for PHP/CGI/remote scripts. Converting the entire site (some 130 pages) into PHP would require me to host them all on the PHP server, and eat up a lot of space.I may move hosts soon, though... if I do, I'll bear that in mind
  10. Little things, too.Half of your menu is capitalised and the other half isn't. That just looks sloppy.On any resolution but 800x600, there's a large space on the right-hand side; this comes of using absolute rather than floating/relative values when spacing. I'm on 1024x768, and is distracts me - I dread to think how it looks on larger resolutions.You may want to get a smaller counter. Statcounter.com is pretty good for small, unobtrusive counting devices.Consistency - currently, your homepage uses a different template to the rest of the site. Again, looks a little sloppy.Then, as others said - a slightly less monochrome colour scheme and some images would help immensely.
  11. Okay.Doing a site redesign, as the old one was... well, better than the original by far, but still shabby. I write straight HTML and CSS.I always put my menus in an iframe - that way I don't have to change every single page (it's a big site) when I add something new.The new design has only that one iframe. The rest of the layout is part of the parent.Basically, all I'm trying to do is to get links from the menu to open in the whole window - using _top. I've done this before, very successfully, on the old site.Firefox is insisting on opening menu links in a new window. I've tried _top and _parent, neither has worked. IE will do the deed happily.The irony is that Firefox will open the same style of link from the old design (which is still on the server) in exactly the way I want it to.I've checked for code mistakes. In fact, I've put the two pieces of code side-by-side. Could someone please tell me why <a href="/1024x768/main.htm" target="_top">1024x768</a> works, but <a href="kotor_fanfic.html" target="_top">Fanfiction</a> doesn't?And yes, the page exists, and yes, I've tried Ctrl+F5 (reload without cache) :)For reference, the old site is still up here and the testing version of the new site is here. The link I used from the old site is part of the 'enter' banner.
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