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    Colors get changed

    Hey, found the cause. The new banner image has been done using the CMYK color scheme (I did not know this before). So when HTML/CSS inserts a CMYK image on a web page, it converts to RGB format. This conversion could alter some colors due to incompatibility. I got the same image done using RGB format and added it, it is fine now. Thanks
  2. antonasr

    Colors get changed

    Thanks Niche, Well what you say could be right. But I tried on several monitors including Apple's. The problem still continues. Anton
  3. antonasr

    Colors get changed

    Thanks thescientist, I tried attaching the original version of the new banner image. So that you could have seen the difference with the image I have uploaded to the site "www.miraculoussrilanka.com" already. But the image is larger than 500kb, hence I cannot upload it here. Yes, nothing but the colors have changed, giving it a more glowing look. Anton
  4. antonasr

    Colors get changed

    I am modifying a client's site at present. A modification to the current banner image (a logo) is needed. Hence I asked him to send me the new image, done on the present image. (Hence no pixel change, just the colors). When I inserted the new image, I can see the colors have changed, giving a more glowing look. I cannot figure our how and why. Anyone has an idea? Following is the CSS code that inserts the image. #header{ height: 200px; /*Height of top section*/ background-image:url(images/header_new2.jpg); background-repeat:no-repeat; position:relative; } Thanks, Anton
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