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  1. Hey, found the cause. The new banner image has been done using the CMYK color scheme (I did not know this before). So when HTML/CSS inserts a CMYK image on a web page, it converts to RGB format. This conversion could alter some colors due to incompatibility. I got the same image done using RGB format and added it, it is fine now. Thanks
  2. Thanks Niche, Well what you say could be right. But I tried on several monitors including Apple's. The problem still continues. Anton
  3. Thanks thescientist, I tried attaching the original version of the new banner image. So that you could have seen the difference with the image I have uploaded to the site "www.miraculoussrilanka.com" already. But the image is larger than 500kb, hence I cannot upload it here. Yes, nothing but the colors have changed, giving it a more glowing look. Anton
  4. I am modifying a client's site at present. A modification to the current banner image (a logo) is needed. Hence I asked him to send me the new image, done on the present image. (Hence no pixel change, just the colors). When I inserted the new image, I can see the colors have changed, giving a more glowing look. I cannot figure our how and why. Anyone has an idea? Following is the CSS code that inserts the image. #header{ height: 200px; /*Height of top section*/ background-image:url(images/header_new2.jpg); background-repeat:no-repeat; position:relative; } Thanks, Anton
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