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  1. It's a little difficult for us to give you list of this type of websites, I think the better way to get inspiration is to use Google to find these kinds of websites.
  2. I've never uploaded a txt file through this forum but I've uploaded some images here, it works fine for me. Maybe it's just because of your browser, I am using Google Chrome (version: 35.0.1916.153 m)
  3. Hey tazeha, I really don't think W3Cschool will give you the chance to translate their website from English to your native language. However, if you are running a big company and have a lot of money, then things may be different ^^
  4. According to justsomeguy, once we have chosen our username, we'll not be able to change it. Luckily, I like the username I am using ^-^
  5. Good suggestion, it is really difficult for us to find the liked posts unless we have used an excel or something else to record the posts.
  6. Frankly speaking, your website doesn't look like a professional website. I guess your website should a social media website about pets, right? So you should at least show us how many users have already registered via your website, you know we all don't want to be lonely.
  7. Firstly, I want to say that your website has slowly loading speed, the content seems to be a little messy (sorry no offense). If I were a man who want to buy jewelries, I will definitely not buy them from your store. BTW, the better way to sell jewelries (women related things) is to use Facebook, I think it is the fastest way to get your website known by others. ^^
  8. I am using Google Chrome version 35.0.1916.153 m. It works fine for me, see the attachment ^^
  9. Although it's a little difficult for me to understand your meaning, I agree with your opinions. However, too much colors will make a website unfriendly..
  10. Hi Joseph, I agree with you. Money cannot buy everything ^^ However, you may forget to tell us your site's link, right? I have read your post many times but still cannot find any link to your website you mentioned above. Is SPACEUPORIA.com your website?
  11. lovewebdesign


    Domain names are usually cheap (except some popular and meaningful domain names), so why not buy a domain on your own. Free domain has many disadvantages, if you really want to create a good website, then purchasing a domain is necessary.
  12. lovewebdesign

    CSS 3

    If you really want to learn CSS 3, you can use search engines to find the learning resources since CSS 3 has been very popular now, there are many tutorials, tips , free resources available online, you can easily find them.
  13. It is difficult for me to understand what you want to express. You mean you cannot copy and paste when starting a new topic through this forum? I have tried it, no problems at all.
  14. Frankly speaking, I have never met such kind of problem so far. Since you can open the link by right clicking your mouse, so I guess the link should be proper and the problem may be your browser. You may try to restart your web browser and then to see what will happen.
  15. There are many related tutorials online which can help you know how to style your list with CSS such as this one from eHow: http://www.ehow.com/how_2075887_style-list-css.html it may help you solve your problem
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