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  1. You were correct. It was not the vbscript. it was the html. I found the error in my code. One of the links had targe='_blank'...... the last t was missing. Doh!!! Thank you for leading me in that direction. Looked back through the html instead of trying to search/decipher the vbscript and it helped me find the issue.
  2. I recently purchased a software for photo management to load to a client's website. The software is file based and just loads asp files to the server which contain vbscript,html and css to make up the gallery selection pages. I have successfully got the gallery selection page placed into an iframe on the host site page. The issue is the software has, by default, 3 links to open any given galley page. Two of them open the gallery in a new Window, but one opens inside the iframe. I need all three to do the same thing or I need to remove the glitched one. Everything in the html within these files has the target="_blank". So I think it may be in the vbscript, but I cannot identify where to find these "controls". Can anyone help?
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