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  1. Thanks for your quick reply. Ah, silly mistake that happened when I got too much scripts on index.php and I started outsourcing each script I just forgot to delete that peace of code. But unfortunately that's not the problem. The function still doesn't work. Any other ideas? Thank you, j.link
  2. Hi, I'm rather new to webdesign and I have a little problem with my first page. If you take a look at http://www.linkedrecords.com/testsite/index.php and click on the "AGB" Button, a center panel opens with a small navigation menu on the left side.I wanted to use a jQuery effect to scroll internal anchor links, but all I have tried just doesn't work. As there are some other scripts running on the page, could there be a problem with them? I appreciate every help and suggestions if you think my scripts need improvement. Thank you, j.link
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