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  1. I would like to delete this post as I have decided not to pursue this any longer. I would be implementing a totally different feature.
  2. Thank you so much for your guidance. I spent 3 hours this morning and took the JavaScript tutorials which I found very useful. I found the below code in Page_Load method. It seems that the scripts is being run and it works when you create and save the query: lstAllFields0.Attributes["onChange"] = "javascript:showCal(" + lstAllFields0.ClientID + ",0); return false;"; lstAllFields1.Attributes["onChange"] = "javascript:showCal(" + lstAllFields1.ClientID + ",1); return false;"; lstAllFields2.Attributes["onChange"] = "javascript:showCal(" + lstAllFields2.Clien
  3. I reviewed the code very closely. I found that the logic in 'showCal' is used to display the datepicker when a date field is selected while building a query. So, it makes sense to use the same function to display the datepicker when date field is populated from the saved query. However, I am at loss to figure out how to modify 'showCal' function to do that and how to call it when query data is being populated. I would appreciate further help to achieve this.
  4. Strangely, I am not seeing calShow function being called any where else in the code. So I am not sure if it is adding the datepicker. Since I am a new developer, it is a bit challenging for me to find out what this function is doing. Before the original developer left he said that he had fixed this issue by adding a new javascript function 'calShow2' and added a couple of lines of code to the 'FillReportCriteriaValues' method to call it there. He wasn't able to implement it. So now I am thinking that I need to do exactly the same. I need a javascript function which will use the 'showCal' funct
  5. Thank you so much for your response. I tried commenting the line. It is not clearing the value but it is not displaying the datepicker either! May be I am not calling the js function during my c# event method correctly: These are the two lines I have added to 'FillReportCriteriaValues' method on the .aspx.cs page: string.script = "javascript:showCal ("+ddl.ClientID+ "," + index + "); return false;";this.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript (UpdatePanel1.GetType(), "showCal" + index.ToString(), script); When I change the field selection in the drop-down field showing date field to something els
  6. Trying to make the original post concise. A javascript function named ‘calShow’ below needs to be modified. The application that uses it allows users to create an adHoc report query by selecting data fields. When a new query is created using this application, the above function displays the calendaricon in front of the text boxes (4 of them) if date fields are selected. Otherwise, the calendar icon (datepicker) is hidden. The issue is that when a saved query is retrieved, the date value is pulled into the text box but the calendar icon is not display (datepicker is unavailable to change date).
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