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  1. Hi JoshI'm also newbie, but it seems you're more newbie than me. I'll try to explain you some things, but time should show you I'm right.MySql is structured query language, where you store your data. Everything, just everything: text, pictures, all kind of graphics.You can keep all your net 'welt' on databases.When you make pages, design any kind of activities, you need php code to give a form, insert, design, write any kind of thing you mean is useful for you.Through php code, you upload, download, fetch and do many other things, which later on, when you learn these things, you'll notice make your job easy and safe.Try to download xampp (three servers in one), there you have phpmyadmin, a wonderful co relation between php and mysql.I will not attract your attention, better first get informed, do some exercises, and then ask more. Without these two things, forget, just forget to do anything serious on web.Courage and go on.
  2. thanx. I spent two days reading everything about IP, routers, networking a.s.onThings become clear but not yet about IIS, which supposed to be downloaded to my PC, as well as combination using asp.net .Just for testing use. I mean everything is a circle on my hard.Anyhow I'll take like granted.thanx again
  3. Can I post a site on shared server in asp.net if I have a dynamic IP address?More exactly does the IIS services claim for fix address?
  4. Sorry I intrude!Thank you Jesh!I had a password problem with IIS and your post here, just helped me to solve the problem.Three days I can't access to IIS. Finaly it is solved due to this topic.Great, thanx again.
  5. Thank you Ste.Something like this, yes, maybe I expected something with + and - sign before and after collapasing.As far as I know it is possible to add in CSS.But anyhow it do the job. When I copid code, and tried in browser it do not rollover like in example but it is not problem.Important I can study the idea.Thanx again.
  6. HiI would be very pleased if somebody can direct me, which part of CSS should I consult, to make a colapsing navigation through the site.I'd like to insert this in the left side, and to colapse like xml document, but styled and without tags.Thank you for help in advance.
  7. Thank you!Its more clear now, that I'll have more job if I want to perform this. I tried first with hiding xml tags. Of course it doesn't work.Anyhow I'll let you know.I got warmer now for this problem.Personal I find very practical for any site to navigate!
  8. HiI'm newbee. If somebody can help me, I want to make a navigation in site through xml.To expand, colapse and so.Which part of xml should I consider for this kind of problem?I learnt introduction and dtd definitions, as well as Xpath, and xml schema.Thank you!
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