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  1. @deirdre's dad - thanks for that. can i just confirm one thing. say i had this page: <?php session_start(); if (!isset($_SESSION['user']) ) { header ('Location: login.php'); exit; }?><html><head><title>My Page</title></head><body><p>Some private content...</p></body></html if the user wasn't logged in, would this script stop the rest of the page (the part between the two HTML tags) from being sent, and send only the redirect header, or would it send the redirect header followed by the rest of the page as normal?
  2. @mencarta - thats fine but then what stops someone from just going straight to members.php and bypassing the access control. i want to place my validation script at the top of each private page (which basically checks a session variable set by the main login page), and only allow the private page to be loaded by the browser if the user is logged in (session variables correct).@boen_robot - i'm not sure if i understand that script. i presume that <!--etc--> is where the private content goes (does it have to be inside <FORM> tags?). or would that be were the error page goes?
  3. Hi.I am working on a PHP login script, which is designed to be placed at the top of a HTML page. If the user enters an incorrect password I want the script to stop the server from sending the HTML page to the user (instead i will either insert some sort of dummy page or simply redirect them to an error page). the problem is i can't find a way of stopping the rest of the page from being sent. does anyone know of any function or something that can do this. i know i could place the whole page inside a PHP variable and ECHO it, but i'm writing this for someone else and i want to make it as simple as possible so that it can just be put in the page without any further modification to the code.thanks.
  4. No, what Ingolme is trying to say (and what I agree with) is that the only way to share data accross multiple pages is with a server-side script (eg PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, etc.) - you could also possibly use cookies with javascript, but it's complicated and if your server supports some kind of server-side script, I recommend you use that instead. As far as I know, frames are quite old but won't soon be obsolite. There probably the best of the few techniques for making vertical menus purely in HTML (and the best technique that a lot of people on free hosting can afford), and a lot of sites (including mine) use them a lot.
  5. the answer is quite simple and takes only 3 words - ie is useless (i would go a lot farther but theres a swearin filter).i dont quite understand why this is happenin - try forgetting the <div> and use the image on its own.
  6. i recommend PageTutor.com's color picker - simple and it even generates the code for you (HTML and CSS)
  7. you should add visual studio to the list
  8. noan

    Rate my site...

    My site is Frixoft Freeware - http://www.frixoft.uk.tp. What do u think. I'm a bit worried the designs to plain - any ideas...
  9. Site Name: Frixoft FreewareSite Description: Download my freeware, including cool screensavers and gamesSite Owner/Developer: MeSite Address: http://www.frixoft.uk.tp
  10. cant you just create a page at http://server/Application/index.html which is a redirect page (as follows): <html><head><title>Loading</title></head><body><h3>Please wait...</h3><script type="text/javascript">location.href = "http://server:8090";</script></body></html>
  11. ive always used http://www.google.com/search?q=WHAT%20YOU%...SEARCHING%20FOR - its the simplest and easiest to remember
  12. How i recommend you do it is you break each tutorial into several seperate "pages", one for each part of the tutorial (eg pseudo code, language-specific implementation etc.), and create a UserControl forms control for each page. you may also find it helpful to have a UserControl as a system-wide standard for each type of page, not linked to any specific tutorial, and then have each page in a tutorial inherit from its standard. then you would want a windows form (window) to view pages in, and a bit of code which moves through each tutorial and page and saves the users progress.Another way would be to again set out a system-wide standard for each type of page and the encode every actual page as an XML document, with a custom-built renderer which loads each page and renders it onto a new instance of that UserControl. This would probably be the best alternative if you have a lot of tutorials, as saves a lot of space (a .NET usercontrol will probably add more file size to your program file than would be taken up by an XML document doing the same job).
  13. he's not talking about developing a web page he's talking about a whole piece of software (this isnt really the forum for it but still...).
  14. noan

    keyword rang

    i dont know if theres a limit and if there is youll probably never have that much keywords that youll go over it
  15. noan

    Firefox 3

    i was a bit disappointed with the lack of ff3 compatible themes, but i found a few good ones. Hopefully they'll bring out some update 4 the others soon.for ff3 users who like dark themes i'd recommend:Abstract Zune - nice black n' orange styling but leaves that horrid grey on the status barNASA Night Launch - like the black but the grey against black text and buttons are hard to see on an LCD screenPitch Dark - like the black / brown canvas styling. this is the one i'm usin now.once youve got a theme like these youll never want to look at ie again! these also all fit nicely to the windows vista graphite themetheres also a few addons id particularly recommend. firstly All-in-one Sidebar, a gr8 sidebar which looks amazin in a dark theme, then FootieFox, live score updates for football (soccer) fans, and a load of addons 4 the tab system. and FlagFox is quite interesting - it shows where the website your viewing comes from
  16. If u cant get it to work and the problems bad enough u could make a backup of all your files then reinstall everythin.
  17. noan

    Firefox 3

    i downloaded firefox 3 earlier today and am using it to post this. its brilliant - much better than v2. just a shame about firebug, but there'll probably be an update soon
  18. As far as i know, no you can't force a font install (i might be wrong...) but what you could do is have each menu item as an image, which you create on your computer where i presume you have the font
  19. Name: IsMyWebsitePrice: FREEServer-side Scripting: PHPDatabases: MySQLSpace: 100MB standard, can get moreBandwidth: 1GB/month standard, can get moreAds: Yes, but very small and customizable. Placing ads actually benefits you!Web Address: Subdomain. Can be set up to work with your own domainAdditional comments: An extremely good service for several reasons:1. It's not just a web host, it's an entire community built around improving everyone's websites.2. It has loads of great features (custom FTP accounts, webmail, cPanel, and even a built-in virus scanner, etc.) that you would only normally get on an expensive paid host.3. You can get more features, space and bandwidth simply by asking4. It has a very simple-to-use web site.5. Sites are classified into several catagories. You can move up catagories by improving your site, and the higher your catagory, the more space and bandwidth you get.6. It's completely different! It's been set up to provide webmasters with what they want, not to make its owner a lot of moneyAs you can see, I'm very satisfied with this host, and I'd recommend it to everyone.
  20. for your first question, have you thought of using JavaScripte.g.: var pageNo = 1;var totalPages = 3;function WritePageNo(){ document.write("You are on page " + pageNo + " of " + totalPages);}
  21. noan

    my website

    if u r hosting a site on your pc you should NEVER turn the pc offand set up apache to turn on automaticallly when u start the pc
  22. noan


    there isnt just one 'father of the computer', lots of people contributed towards the invention
  23. noan

    Guestbook Script

    what language do you want to code it in?
  24. trying to run windows server 2003 on 123mb ram is like trying to get a hamster in wheel to power the whole western world althouh sayin that i run my entire web empire from free hosting
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