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    Weird Problem

    I'm having a problem with a site I made. I know the server supports PHP cuz I have used it before.http://gfxsector.netThe php navigation is acting weird..The include is working because its incuding CuteNews... but it doesnt work when I click the other links.It brings the default page up no matter what link I choose. Include in the main content box <?phpswitch($id) {default:include('cutenews/show_news.php'); break; case "1": include('cutenews/show_news.php'); break; case "2":include('dls.htm');break; case "3":include('sotwnews/show_news.php');break; case "4":include('affs.htm');} A Naviga
  2. Origin

    Need help

    the validator at w3 doesnt support php.. thats why its called html validator..you're referring to http://validator.w3.org right?
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