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  1. That sounds like a good plan. I haven't written vbscripts in a while so i have to recall syntax. thanks.
  2. I have this code that I got from "igor krupitsky which he posted on another site. It merges (appends) 2 pdf files. I need to edit the code so that it does this:I have 8,000 files in a folder and I want to merge the files that have the same prefix name in the filename. i.e.122TX4939.pdf122TX4939 Support.pdf122TX4939 Additional.pdf333RS111.pdf333RS111 Support.pdf555DA77.pdfResults:The first 3 would get merged into 1 file:122TX4939.pdfThe next 2 would get merged into 1 file:333RS111.pdfThe last file would get copied or merged byitself555DA77.pdfand they would be in a destination folder other than
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