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  1. davej,I tried the onload event, but still didn't get anywhere. However, the site you posted www.w3school..yle_display.asp helped me to come up with the answer. So simple. I added style="display:none" to the divs and it works.Thanks
  2. I am new to W3Schools Forum and JavaScript. I have used a function toggleDiv(divId) for the next and previous buttons that show a table in 5 different divs on a PHP page. The buttons work. The problem is that at first all the div's show up on the page then switch to one at a time once the next button is pressed. How do I just call the first div id with a next button to the rest? Do I set up each div as a variable to be called from an array? I saw something about style="visibility: visible" or "hidden", but I don't know to make that work either. Here is some of what I have: <script type=
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