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  1. I would just make the other side of the rollover image contain the leaf portion as well. Keep it the same color, change the rest, and it will result in the appearance of a static leaf tip with rollover effect underneath. Just a bit of photoshop should keep your leaf tip in place. Unless I've misunderstood the problem.
  2. Also, is there any way to control horizontal and vertical overflow separately?
  3. Now... do you think I should put the divs inside a wrapper so that things display the same way across browsers? Because I notice it looks great in Firefox but not so great in IE/
  4. AHA!! WOOT!! :) You have got to be kidding me - one letter Q was all that wrong??? LOL!! I must have looked at that script sheet for 3 hours today trying to figure it out... And I got it about the other pages and no tags. Synook - wow - how can I repay you. I think I will try and pay it forward by summarizing this thread in a way that describes the problem and how it was solved in an organized format so that others can benefit.Thanks again friend. As I continue to develop the site, I will come back here and ask further questions or give updates.
  5. Thanks Synook - that is totally not how I thought it would be applied... lol. I get it now though. I'll be doing the schedule box this weekend. I'll show you when I'm done so you know that you've actually taught me how to do this and didn't just do it yourself. Question though.. how come I couldn't use AJAX to load a forum page in there? Is it because there would be multiple loads of different pages within that forum and not just the box?EDIT:Well I have uploaded this, it doesn't work. One problem is a weird hover thing on the tabs from the script along with the hover from the CSS. Another thi
  6. Ok- So I think I have got the idea about this. I recognize exactly what the script is doing now and how it's being done and can replicate it on my own. My last problem it seems is trying to get the script to work inside my page. There are some confusing elements and I am going to have to construct the schedule box this same way so I was wondering if you could do me one last favor and put that script in context with my code sheet. Like just drop it in how it should go. That way I can see how it looks in context with my own coding so when I go to build the schedule box script myself, I can refer
  7. Synook, I just want to thank you for being such a great help. I know your time is valuable and I appreciate that you have chosen to spend some on me. And I think I am starting to get the idea, I can now recognize the functions and variables, etc.. And I will go over the AJAX stuff again in context with what I now am finding familiar to see if it rings any new bells. I bet it does. Few questions tho, how do I make the div load from the tabs I've got? I see an input type designation there - how do I know what input type my tabs are? Also, where do I put the file names of the new content I want
  8. Um.. sort of... I think I can probably go back and reference the tutorials to get the full meaning. I will be doing that tomorrow. I'm not sure what that PHP code box is supposed to be telling me though.
  9. I have read a lot yes. Do you read the posts I have been writing? Reason I ask is because I had mentioned that I did read a good portion of the tuts that you linked before on the 1st page and it wasn't making a lot of sense to me. But I have been moving through a real nice set of JavaScript tuts on my own and I am starting to make some sense of that. Starting to work out the syntax. Is AJAX similar?
  10. I would be willing to follow your advice.
  11. ok.. cool. Can you give me any one on one help getting the tabs to open in box4? I have also started learning JavaScript today, but I'm a long way off from being at a place where I can know how to do box4.I'm also having trouble figuring out how to make rounded corners with my present style sheet
  12. ack... I tried to publish what I got so far but when I open the url I can see the directory.. what did I do wronghttp://dhost.info/theruckuz/edit:Oh wait... here we go, this has a url too I see.. lolhttp://dhost.info/theruckuz/ruckus.htmlBut how can I make what appears as the directory now, appear instead as te home page?FIXED! Home pagehttp://dhost.info/theruckuz/
  13. totally - I get it. So it's a good idea to check the status of those things when you construct your doctype to make sure you are relevant to the most recent broswer changes and such? Thanks for the tip.One problem I have notice so far though is that the tabs menu I have up right now, displays higher up on the page in IE than in FF. What's that about and is it an easy fix?Also - I don't know how to make the tab buttons open up the pages in box4. I really need some step by step help with that because I don't seem to be able to keep up with the tutorials on W3 for some reason. They lose me.. *shr
  14. Well I just about got the template built. And I have been experimenting with a tab menu for box4 for rather than a nav box - I would love a really cool tab flash set up there... wow that would be cool. And I'll need some help snazzing stuff up... going to get some web space and upload so ya'll can see.edit:This is hard - How do I get content to load in the div box I want it too. I don't know where to put javascript or anything like that... could someone code a sample for me?Here's what I got so far <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"><html><head> <title>
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