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  1. Thank, yes, I did actually use iframes, but it's currently just a reimplementation of the deprecated frameset that I learned about 10 years ago. I just made a Youtube of my user experience of how other sites work. I'm trying to get some ideas for how I really want it to operate and haven't got round to understanding ajax at all. I feel php is horribly complicated and will be hard to maintain and debug. Currently my plan is to make tabs down the left margin that then pop up a menu over the top of the current document rather than resizing things.
  2. Thanks for your demonstration how to do this layout without using iframes. I can certainly see it gives the same appearance, just using <div> containers with appropriate styles,. However I use iframes because I want to display independent documents. e.g. - to maintain only a single site navigation menu - to have links that load alternative combinations of main text and example - to share the common javascript without having to reload it for each page on the site Without iframes, don't I end up having to duplicate the menu on every page? Do I have to make a page for every combina
  3. I did a Youtube lasting 28 seconds to show Fire-Fox behavior on your site. <--- click that link to see it I hope it helps
  4. Thanks davej and lovespells too. The fixed width and max-width do seem to be the most common approach and I experimented with multi-column too. lovespells website is very attractive but there is a lot of wasted screen area which doesn't help when trying to present more verbose technical documents that I have in mind. For that the reason I have left navigation frame in: to use the wasted space on the side rather than force the user to scroll back to the top to find the menu.
  5. They are iframe substitute for frameset. I haven't done much web design for many years and there is an awful lot to (re) learn (struggling understanding jQuery at the moment). I am trying to get some ideas for site navigation specifically to present turorials, documentation and structured educational and academic reference material. (i.e. lots of technical text). In practical use I find the tree structure of the Blender 3D manual very helpful. I know it's not pretty, but it is very useable when you just want to learn something. I'm going to have to spend some more time visiting websites and
  6. Thanks harpalsinh999. I did try try this... In the image below I have one window using javascript and it always looks nice but it seems silly I have to use script just to get my frame to fit in the window. The second window is what you suggest, but alas it only looks right when the window happens to match width and height and a lot depends on user zoom setting too. The 3rd one I specified both width and height as 100% and my frame is ALWAYS too big. Setting a lower percentage I end up too big for small windows and too small for big windows... CSS needs to address the issue of percentages an
  7. Consistently on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and FireFox specifying a height of 100% is too big for the window and I have to subtract 17 pixels. To see what I want try resizing window on my example here. Just wondering if there isn't a standard way in CSS without needing a script.? <!doctype html><html lang="en" style="height:100%; overflow:hidden"><!-- Note: FireFox html5 needs to be told to use the whole window --><head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title>iframe height</title> <script src="../jquery-2.0.3.js"></script> <script>
  8. I use the standard Windows 8 Windows Defender and I thought protects me... but obviously not because a full scan just showed Wpalill.C has been on my system since January (in a .zip file) and AddLyrics since May (in my internet temporary folder) even though I told Windows to delete internet temporary files many times since. Personally I've thought Microsoft have always been utterly clueless about the very basic principles of computer security as I explain in my Youtube, but Linux and Macs are just as bad.
  9. Yes that is correct. I am not a hip hop fan myself and just interested in learning basic principles and different ideas about web design at the moment. So you mean originally there would have been things to look at over on the right then? I'm still a bit baffled about having a "click to enter" screen. I mean in a real live website mostly we would get to some internal page directly via a Google would we not?
  10. OMG... thanks for telling me. I never got that warning yet! I have just noticed my downloads page is not working at all even though the very same links work fine from youtube. IDK what is going on these days. To me it seems the industry is shoving individuals off the internet completely :'(
  11. People are telling me they get bugs on my site http://piedpiper.site40.net/index.html?sample=voter/poll_test.html and I can't reproduce them. I suspect it may be browser incompatabilities with jQuery and I wonder if other people see them as well. If you have a spare moment please vote on my opinion poll there... but if that doesn't work either then please let me know what happened. Thanks in advance )
  12. TBH I looked at them both as local files on my computer using firefox. I can't see the difference. Did your site go on line? What does it look like these days?
  13. I like the home page. That big photo of the dogs looking at me full of expectation on the doorstep is enough to make me pause and read the description. Visually I feel you need to equalize the height of the collums there but that's just a petty detail. My subjective opinion is you need LESS clutter on that entry screen: People who wanna join will click "sign in" and then get a chance to create a new account... I would delete the "pet parade" link and just have an arrow on the dog picture to start the slide show right there on the front page... while we read the description. I would take ou
  14. I just popped in and immediately jumped to conclusion must be a pop group sharing their performances with their fans. No doubt it is expected that the visitors are fans who are there intentionally for some freebies, to know where your next gig is, or maybe even to buy something?! My first impression is that you need pictures of the stars & recent video and maybe a sount track we can play while readings the home page. The About Us section wants to talk about "we" in the first person, not "them" 3rd person IMO. I see no advantage to having a "click to enter screen" or half the page just th
  15. I use: <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1/jquery-ui.min.js"></script> I was told only to specify the main version number (1 in this case) and it will pick the latest version 1. By convention is guaranteed to be backward compatible with any earlier version 1's only with extra features and bug fixes. If you do go up to version 2 however then you may find some things don't work the same and in particular I think they are dropping support for Internet explorer
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