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  1. To Foxy Mod Thanks for your help. I have tried it again and without the <section> it does not jump to the top of page anchor. The problem may rest with the environment that I am running in or the CSS or something else. I will do some further investigations this weekend and see if I can track it down. If I gain any further insight I will post details. Hope I haven't taken too much of your time. Ian
  2. Dear all, I have just started using HTML5. I tried coding <article> <a id="top"></a> etc </article> to set an anchor point so that I could jump to the top of the current page. This appeared to work when using Firefox but not when using IE9 I then tried <article><section> <a id="top"></a> etc </section> </article> This appeared to work with both Firefox and IE9. Is this just a quirk of IE or must anchors always be in a section element? Does anyone know of a central source where I can find other HTML5 aspects that only work with certain browsers Thanks for any advice you can give me. Ian
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