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  1. That works - I create a table that consists of data from the three tables (Orders, Emplyees, Customers) . But I'm not sure what kind of joins I am creating. Union?
  2. I see that I can bypass the join statments altogether adn use Where. Is this what you mean? SELECT Orders.OrderID, Employees.FirstName,Customers.CustomerNameFROM Orders,Employees,CustomersWhere orders.employeeid = employees.employeeid and Orders.CustomerID=Customers.CustomerIDORDER BY Orders.OrderID;
  3. I am a newbie to SQL. I was going through the join tutorial on W3Schools and using the example database. I can’t seem to join three tables. I can join Orders and Employees and Orders and Customers, but not all three. What is the “operator” that I am missing? Thanks. SELECT Orders.OrderID, EMPLOYEES.EMPLOYEEID,EMPLOYEES.LASTNAME,CUSTOMERS.CUSTOMERNAME,EMPLOYEES.LASTNAMEFROM ORDERSINNER JOIN EMPLOYEESON EMPLOYEES.EMPLOYEEID=ORDERS.EMPLOYEEIDINNER JOIN CUSTOMERSON CUSTOMERS.CUSTOMERID=ORDERS.CUSTOMERID; Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'EMPLOYEES.EMPLOYEEID=ORDERS.EMPLOYEEID INNER JOIN CUSTOMERS ON CUSTOMERS.CUSTOMERID=ORDERS.CUSTOMERID'.
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