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  1. Hi Friends. I wanted to know 1. In Break out of a frame, there is no tag for this. then what it mean? 2.In <Head> Section (1.) What is the use @ what it mean(Charset and UTF-8) of < Meta Charset = "UTF-8> (2.) I am getting the <base> topic, how it works (3.) In <link> what is the use or what it mean type=" text / css". I am waiting for ur's replay.... Thank you
  2. Hi i m new Name: Sandhya Age: 25 Gender: Female Marital status: Single Occupation: Always Student Favorite Things: NatureHobbies and Interests: Learning Something newA Little About Me: Am very much interested in web technology. I am so curious about how it works and how you people write. So now i am learning in w3school. It is soo nice, although i have some doughts (in topics). pls everyone help me to clarify my doughts. Hopefully thanks bye Attached Thumbnails
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