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  1. Hi Improve: Report Error I think the Report Error page should include an option for suggesting improvements to the page Sometimes small tweaks like adding small pieces of "missing" information can make all the difference between a good and a great page A good example is the "missing" infobox on the HTML Form Elements page where it would be nice if there were an elaboration about the differences between the <select> element and the <datalist> element as they both seem to function as a dropdown list.
  2. Hi I think it would be neat if the subjects in the forum reflected how the subjects of w3schools are organized on the frontpage - for example the current HTML FORUM would become: HTML and CSS HTML CSS W3.CSS Colors Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap 4 Icons Graphics JavaScript JavaScript jQuery AngularJS JSON AJAX W3.JS This way it would be easier for to find the right place when asking for help with something.
  3. Hi Please add an option to switch/toggle viewports in the Tryit Editor - as it is now I have to resize my browser's window in order to display how the various examples look like at different screen sizes which gets pretty annoying after a short while. see for yourself: https://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap4/tryit.asp?filename=trybs_default&stacked=h
  4. Hi I have been reading through the php section about arrays and even though I think it is very informative as it is, I think the section misses an example of how to assign a different variable for each of the items in the array. I'll use the array example with the cars: $cars = array("Volvo","BMW","Toyota"); This will yield: Array ([0] => Volvo [1] => BMW [2] => Toyota) Now what if the user wishes to split the array and assign a variable for each of the items in the array like for example: Volvo = $Sweden BMW = $Germany Toyota = $Japan I think an example of how this is done would be really helpful for some (including myself !).
  5. Yes, I understand that there might be some problems with security and it is just a shame, because I'll bet that I'm not the only poor soul in here who learn by doing rather than just reading about it. Thank you for providing the link to phpfiddle - I already know about that site as I have used it on a few occasions myself
  6. HiI use W3shools for PHP my studies, because I find the explanations as well as examples given on php.net to be confusing than helpful for my skill level.The lack of ability to experiment with code on php.net is also I thing I miss - luckily W3shools have this option when it comes to CSS and HTML(5), but not really for PHP !It would it be possible to make the php code examples in the try-it editor changeable ? - I suspect the reason why it isn't currently possible is due to security reasons, however, it would sure be a nice feature to have.Also, I often find the explanations given in the php references section to be lacking well explained examples - I don't feel this is the case for the CSS and HTML(5) section.As an example of too little explanation in the php reference section I can mention:PHP filter_var() Function - maybe I'm thick skulled, but I simply can't understand the provided example and why the output is what it is.That's all from me - I hope the W3Shools team will take my suggestions into consideration.
  7. HiJust an update: I did eventually figure out how to make a navigationbar using information from other sources - eventhough I would have liked to have gathered the information from W3Shools.
  8. First of all; I think your comment is an insult to me as well as everybody else who are using W3Schools in their learning process - making a navigation bar is pretty easy to do... once you know how to do it, as everything else in life.I don't see the problem in W3Shools showing a user what can be done once his/her skills in HTML and CSS improves and besides a navigation bar with submenus ties very well together with W3School's HTML section about lists.Please don't reply anymore if your only intent is to flame and patronise.
  9. Thank you for pointing me in that direction, however, the example appears to make use of JavaScript which will only end up frustrating inexperienced users (myself included !)What I'm after; is a navigation bar with a submenu and without all the bells and whistles and eye-candy.I think it would be a nice thing to have on W3Schools, so users don't have to spend their time chasing all about the web trying to find a good and simple example.
  10. Hi I have recently read through the pages about CSS Navigation Bar and I think a nice addition to these pages would be if it also showed how to make a navigation with sub items, because I personally find the CSS on this subject a little hard to understand. So I hope, the team who are maintaining the site, will find some time to make a chapter on this subject as I think it will help a lot of people who are just starting to learn CSS.
  11. Hi I would like to request an expansion to PHP Sessions as I think that the provided example of how to use sessions for making a page counter is too simple. Therefore I would like to suggest that a small tutorial about how-to-make-a login system using session to be added to the PHP Session chapter.
  12. That's a really great idea actually +1 from me , however, I can't even begin to imagine the shear magnitude of such a task - it would most definitely require some contribution from the user community.
  13. Hi I did some experimentation as I don't really know anything about jquery - yet ! However, I did manage to make something which I guess will do what wish: <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.10.2/jquery.min.js"></script><script>$(document).ready(function(){ $("#open").click(function(){ $("#panel").slideDown("slow"); }); $("#close").click(function(){ $("#panel").slideUp("slow"); });});</script> <style type="text/css">#panel,#open,#close{/*padding:5px;*/text-align:center;background-color:#e5eecc;border:solid 1px #c3c3c3;}#panel{Width: 596px;height: 400px;display:none;} #main_content { Width: 596px;height: 400px; }</style></head><body> <div id="open">Click to slide down panel</div><div id="panel"><div id="main_content">Main conten goes here</div><div id="close">Click to close panel</div> </div> </body></html> All I basically did was to paste the: $("#close").click(function(){ $("#panel").slideUp("slow"); }); and renaming one of the $("#name").click(function(){ from $("#flip").click(function(){ to $("#close").click(function(){ in order to prevent the panel from closing the very minute I open it. I have also take the liberty to renaming the other $("#flip").click(function(){ to $("#open"), so it easier to fully distinguish between them. I hope this example will be helpful for others whom have similar problems with panels. I also hope that the developers of w3schools will make an example like the one I have provided and add it to the example section like I requested in my initial post.
  14. Hi Thank you for providing the link. However, this is, as far as I could tell, exactly the method I didn't wish to use as it appear to be just another slideToggle() and not a slideUp() and slideDown() effect. ie. what I would have liked; were an example added to the list of examples where the slideUp() and slideDown() effect were used together. Let me give an example by using the link I have provided as a starting point: http://www.w3schools.com/jquery/tryit.asp?filename=tryjquery_slide_down What I would like to see, is an example of how to make a button or a link at the bottom of the unfolding panel which will close/fold the panel again.
  15. Hi I'm missing an example about how to combine a jQuery slideUp() and slideDown() effect. I'm well aware that I could use the slideToggle(), but this method is not always suitable. So may I suggest that such an example being added to the section example section of jQuery Effects - Sliding http://www.w3schools.com/jquery/jquery_slide.asp Thank you in advance
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