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  1. Mint

    Hand coding websites

    Wow.....can't argue with this! point taken. I'm handing coding I 'm going to try a mini site this week armed with my html and css skills. Anyone who wants for be a private tutor is most welcomed. I'll mention them when I'm famous.
  2. Mint

    Hand coding websites

    I see the importance of hand coding. I never knew about the extra coding that these wysiwyg software put. Very interesting. Do any of you guys develope websites for a living? I think because poeple are trying to pay the bills they just can't be bothered to go through learning this stuff. They just want to design the site and collect the money and go. Really appreciate the input guys. Peace.
  3. Mint

    Hand coding websites

    Yeh I know. That why i've saved them to print out and laminate myself..... I hope that's not wrong but it thought that's why they provide the full size images.
  4. Mint

    Hand coding websites

    Sounds like the best thing to do. Look what I found.....now this looks really useful!http://www.visibone.com/products/browserbo...l?via=google637Show it to anyone who might find it useful.
  5. Mint

    Hand coding websites

    Hi Synook,When you was first starting out learning this, what sort of things did you do in order retain what you had learned?
  6. Mint

    Hand coding websites

    OK I see the importance of hand coding. Thanks for you input.
  7. Mint

    Hand coding websites

    As a newbie I am thinking that this might be the better option. I could imagine that hand coding would be good if you was working on one site all the time. However what if you were producing websites on a regular basis, maybe user4fun's approach maybe preferably with regards to time consumption.
  8. Mint

    Hand coding websites

    Thanks Sir Charlo...this has been bookmarked!
  9. Mint

    Hand coding websites

    Wow that is amazing...how long would that take? How long does it take to get to that level of competence? To be considered a web developer would you have to be able to hand code a site to this level? Sorry for the questions I am just trying to see what I have to do.
  10. Hi Guys,First of all I this is not a competition. I just want to get some advice and some well informed opinions. I have been going throug the tutorials and I have got to the Javascript section and I have decided to try my hand at my first site. I have been looking at some sites for some inspiration and ideas and I have seen that some are quite aesthetically pleasing whilst also being very functional and even quite complex in some cases. So it just got me thinking......Is this all handcoded or what?I have been looking at sites like:http://www.crookedtongues.com/http://www.artzmania.com/http://www.liftsafety.com/#1http://www.vans.com/vans/index2.aspAny opinions?
  11. Thanks Synook, What sort of time scale should I give myself to complete this and be a proficient web developer? i.e. Being able to apply for a job or being able to set up my own business. At the moment I have alot of free time but I don't want to burn myself out. By completing the module you've suggested would that arm me with the necessary tools to do backend of sites?.....Sorry for the newbie questons. Peace.
  12. Hi, I am a graphic designer trying to get into web developement. I have gone through the HTML and XHTML and the CSS. I have just started the Javascript. I was wondering what is the best way to progress through the tutorials. I welcome any advise and help from anyone. Great site...keep up the good work!Peace
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