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  1. Ok- thanks for the new way of looking at it.
  2. I have a nifty query that pulls data by orders.orderid > '85000' (and I update that number every week based on orders.) But I want it to automatically pull the most recent 3,000 orders instead of changing that number all the time, so I was hoping to set a variable which is Max(order.orderid)-3000, thus pulling the last 3000 order records. Here is my static select: SELECT Orders.OrderID, Orders.OrderStatus, Orders.CustomerID, Orders.ShippingMethodID, Orders.BillingFirstName, Orders.BillingLastName, Orders.BillingAddress1, Orders.BillingAddress2, Orders.BillingCity, Orders.BillingState, Orders.BillingPostalCode, Orders.PaymentAmount, Orders.OrderDate, Orders.ShipDate, Orders.LastModified, fraud.score, CAST(Orders.OrderID AS VARCHAR) AS 'za_orderid_full', CAST(Orders.CustomerID AS VARCHAR) AS 'za_custid_full'FROM Orders JOIN Fraud ON Fraud.OrderID = Orders.OrderIDWHERE Orders.ShipDate IS NULL AND Orders.OrderID > '85000' AND Orders.OrderStatus <> 'Cancelled' Can someone tell me how to declare and set that variable? Or suggest another way to accomplish this? Your help is greatly appreciated.
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