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  1. I know i can use display:none, but the page has a lot of pics. The mobile page has less content and few pics. To load quicker and waste less bandwith i want to pics not to load on a mobile phone.How can I do that?
  2. PaulV

    positioning problem

    If you scroll down in the 2nd one you will see how the background goes all wrong.
  3. PaulV

    positioning problem

    I want to make a site, with a wrapper centered on the screen, with contnet in the wrapper.This works with plain text in the wrapperhttp://www.captain-africa.com/CSSProblem...This works well. Now i want to positionthe content in a specific place: the wrapper does not reacht the bottom of the pageThis happens if want want to position content in a div-containerhttp://www.captain-africa.com/CSSProblem...As you can see, if you scroll down, things go wrong.What did i do wrong?
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