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  1. I must sound completely clueless, and I guess I kind of am in this area... I'm so sorry. Thank you for trying to help me.So, changed the correct mailhandler url...I added my own email address to this line in the .php file: $owner_email = 'you@domain.com';And the only error on the console tab when I am on the contact page is in reference to the google map image that I have posted there next to the form. No form errors at all. :|
  2. You could just define the h1 and h2 in the style sheet as whatever font and colors you want them to be.h1 {color: blue; font-family:"veranda", sans serif;}h2 {color: black; font-family:"veranda", sans serif;}If the headings are not all the same format throughout the site you could use a class specific definition for the headings also:.className h1 {color: blue; font-family:"veranda", sans serif;}.className h2 {color: black; font-family:"veranda", sans serif;}
  3. Sorry about the indenting. I am still not sure how to add code to a forum like this while preserving the formatting. I uploaded the files as .txt attachments to the original post if that helps. I see exactly what you're saying about the security of the form. And that is a huge concern. I will look up what you suggested. However, it is really a non-issue if I can't get the forms submit button to behave properly... So in that ajax submit (which I assume is in the .js file??) I should change: url:_.mailHandlerURL, tourl:_.bin/mailhandler.php, And no method in the form tag. What about the
  4. forms.js.txtform.txtMailHandler.php.txt I am a photographer with a strong design and coding background trying to make myself a new website.I'm trying to tweak a template to suit my needs, and I am having considerable trouble with the Contact Form page. I am very familiar with html and css, but js is not my strong suit and I have never worked with php before. If anyone could help me by letting me know where/what I need to edit for the submit button to make the form information go to my email I would greatly appreciate it. I have tried editing what I thought was right, and it still doesn
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