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  1. Simples:The sel.src function was not changing the image file name in Safari - which was evident in the paypal post... so I knew it was not a cache problem... ! But I didnt know that Safari doesnt like onchange - it does like onclick though!!!! Sacred is true. Thanks!
  2. I am trying to finalise a co-creation website that swaps image when certain radio buttons are selected. It works in Firefox.. can anyone tell me why it is not working in Safari? http://www.designpartners.co.uk/Product/SmartPhone_Skin/ The part that I feel does not connect is as below: } var sel = document.getElementById("mainimg"); var s = grps+""; while (s.length < 5) s = "0" + s; sel.src = "http://www.designpartners.co.uk/resources/iPhone-skins/skin-options/iPhone_Skins_Art_Case"+s+".png"; } function addmodelid(
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