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  1. Thank you very much justsomeguy for seeing the lack of a closing bracket in my result above. Indeed that was the problem which was preventing the shortcut file from functioning correctly when double-clicked. I changed the line of code and it now works just as I want it to. Thanks again
  2. I revisited the FileSystemObject and found a way to create a file on the server in the right directory with the correct name for what was needed. 'Set objTextStream=fso.OpenTextFile(newpath & "" & strJobNumberChecked & ".url", fsoForWriting, True)'objTextStream.WriteLine("[DEFAULT]")'objTextStream.WriteLine("BASEURL=http://server2/jobs-db/JobMgmtResponse.asp?hdnJobNumber=" & strJobNumberChecked & "&submit=GO")'objTextStream.WriteLine("[internetShortcut]")'objTextStream.WriteLine("URL=http://server2/jobs-db/JobMgmtResponse.asp?hdnJobNumber=" & strJobNumberChecked
  3. I will see how to use the windows explorer .url file type. I was unaware of this type Thank you for the info. I looked at the FileSystemObject before and I will revisit it to see if it can be used to save a file to the server. Thanks for the help
  4. Does anyone know - can ASP do something like this? Or any guidance on how to get this functionality? Thanks
  5. Yes. The file saved as a link or shortcut to the ASP page formatted like this typical example: http://server/jobs/JobMgmtResponse.asp?hdnJobNumber=11452&submit=GO saved in the job directory on the server to open a link to the manangment page and when clicked will open it in a new browser window on the client side
  6. Hello, first post here at W3Schools. I made an older ASP project for tracking jobs at work. Part of the ASP app saves specific job details to a MS access database table. When the job is first created in the DB, one job (root) folder with two subfolders are created on the server at that same time. serverjobs11452 serverjobs1145211452 PHOTOS serverjobs1145211452 RESEARCH set foldername=fso.CreateFolder(newpath) set foldername=fso.CreateFolder(newpath & "" & strJobFolderNumber & " PHOTOS") set foldername=fso.CreateFolder(newpath & "" & strJobFolderNumber &
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