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  1. As thescientist already pointed out you have to replace mysql_connect with mysqli_connect and mysql_select_db with mysqli_select_db and so on and so forth throughout your code mysql_ has been deprecated in PHP 5.5. What PHP version are you using by the way?
  2. My mistake, this post can be deleted.
  3. Replace SELECT COUNT(*) FROM users with SELECT id FROM users id, or any other column. Avoid * for performance reasons.
  4. mysql_num_rows() returns the number of rows returned by a query. Since you are using COUNT(), the query will always return one row, the result of COUNT, even if this is 0. Example from shell mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM users;+----------+| COUNT(*) |+----------+| 21912 |+----------+mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM users;+----------+| COUNT(*) |+----------+| 0 |+----------+
  5. It's difficult to say with that little information. Are you a complete beginner? If that is the case I would recommend getting started with HTML.
  6. Sora

    www vs. non-www

    I know one reason why www is recommended and that is because of the zone apex / CNAME issue. For example you can't have something like this "example.com CNAME anything.blogspot.com" On the other hand I can see why people like to type domain names without www.
  7. There can be several ways to go about it. What hosting/software are you using?
  8. Sora

    Error in database

    Put the query within the curly brackets. It would work without isset by the way.
  9. Sora

    HTML & Php

    This is what I do as well, and what I would recommend.
  10. Hi Angelica, Despite the frames, I like it. What about getting a logo done for it?
  11. Good looking website but the pages take way too long to open up IMO.
  12. Hi Khai, I like your website. I would have justified the text though. Also I don't like very much the contact form, why the huge inputs and the tiny select?
  13. Might come in handy someday, bookmarked. Thanks Caligo.
  14. Take me everything but Notepad++ & Netbeans
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