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  1. encounter another problem with my app.as we all know mobile device has 2 orientation landscape and portrait when i tried to change orientation from portrait to landscape the data didnt fit so what i did was to make a different html file for the landscape and portrait.i was able to make the change the porblem is when i have stared using portrait and input date on the app and suddenly make a change in orientation the app starts from the start and all the data are lost. how can i change orientation without the loss of data and to continue where i make the change
  2. i agree with you mate.some questions are really best understood when somebody is explaining it.
  3. very nice.do you a spot light like the one in Mr bean? that would be cool if you can do something like that
  4. guradio

    HTML Editor:

    im a newbie in HTML as well im using notepad++ its better than notepad because you can see the lines and they have color to differentiate things.
  5. im currently doing an android web based application any idea how to deal with local database im not really that proficient in databases so suggestions will be appreciated.
  6. http://view.jquerymobile.com/master/demos/ try this link out i just started it yesterday lol
  7. Name: Martin Lloyd Location:PhilippinesAge:n/a (lol)Interest:Computer Games(PC games), Basketball, MMA, Anime, (Women- again lol) etc.i've been into programming for 5 months and i want to be proficient in JAVA, HTML, JQM, JS, CSS, PHP, SQL and alot more language all i know as of now are basic java html JQM. So help me out guys
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