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  1. I currently am doing a little work on a seasonal website for our golf league and wanted to improve the content with some databases. Going online and reading some articles regarding doing this I came across the issue of whether to write my code using SQL object oriented, SQL procedural or I guess what is the latest and greatest scripting, PDO. What I have read is that if I have any thought of changing over to another database type other than SQL, PDO would be the way to go. But my thought is that I most likely would not because I not only may never deal with other types of databases but I do not think that all these Hosting sites which SQL is most likely ingrained in would change and make their thousands of customers recode all their scripts. “Am I wrong” When I was taught PHP/SQL, I believe it was using the Procedural method, which appears not to be far from the object oriented script. PDO seems to be a little more involved in learning its syntax. What would your recommendations be for me? I would learn the PDO method if you think it would be beneficial. But if not necessary, I will stick to what I already feel comfortable with. All comments greatly appreciated. P
  2. This :nth-child selector is very interesting. I never seen it before. I think I will need to keep this in mind for futher works...thanks. P
  3. I created a page that when you click on the link to the left the content of the new payre is shown in the iframe in the main content area. just before the content is loaded the iframe area flashes white and then the content is shown ok. I there something wrong with my coding? Have I overlooked something or is this just how the page gets loaded? I would like to have a smooth transition into the change of content. If you need to see my website to understand what I am trying to explain the site is snsg.us Thank you for any help Paul
  4. Thanks Foxy Mod. Question: I know that you can create an ID(#Name) and a Class(.Name) can I, or is there a way to give the beginning <td> tag a name of its own for "Thursdays"? Example: CSS file: td.thursday { background-color: "green"; } HTML file: <td thursday........> I'm trying to learn proper coding through experimentation, and asking alot of questions....lol Thanks.
  5. I have created a calendar for my golf league and wish to color code the days that we play with a specific color and other events different colors. We play on a thursday so I would like to color code all thurdays "green" My question is, what would be the best and most professional way to do this? Would creating an external css file and giving each Thursday the same ID or class name? Would a Class designation be better? Would the following coding example be appropriate? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you CSS file: .thursday { bgcolor: green; } HTML file: <td class = "thursday">.......
  6. New to Javascript. I am trying to show the selected value after the change so I can do some additional processing, but I cannot get my code to run. I am not sure my syntax is correct using java script.? <html> <head> <title>This is my test site</title> <script> function test(value) { value = document.getElementById("colorOption").selectedIndex; alert("document.getElementById("colorOption")[x].value); } </script> </head> <select id = "colorOption" name "colorOption" onchange = "test(value)"> <option value = 0>Red</option> <option value = 1>Green</option> <option value = 2>Blue</option> <option value = 3>Yellow</option> <option value = 4>Purple</option> </select>     </body> </html>
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