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  1. nvm. I just changed it. Thank you everyone for all your help along the way.
  2. Okay, i double checked the image and it's 1180x300. and in photobucket it's 1180x300 but you're right when I "inspect element" to see what's going on, it says it's original size is 1024x260. So I guess I'll just adjust my whole layout to max out at 1026 because I'm too new to this to spend time on that issue. Do you have any idea why the bottom 1px border isn't showing up? That's making me go crazy...
  3. ps: i removed the background so it's easier to see what I'm talking about.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I was talking about the headerimg doesn't have a bottom border and the image keeps automatically resizing for some reason. The image is blurry and of low quality on my website, but in photobucket, it's compeltely fine. o.0 The header in photobucket: http://s136.photobucket.com/user/_ac9/media/header_thin2_zps80a708bc.png.html?sort=3&o=0 compared to my site: audreyholmesmusic.webs.com/testhome.htm i don't know what's going on. ps: thanks for the other pointers.
  5. Hey guys, I can't figure out why my top image on my table isn't working right. The bottom border won't show up and the image is clearly readjusting to something because the quality is awful when I put it into my coding, but it's fine on photobucket. I've adjusted the whole table size, the tr size, the td size, the padding and the margin on absolutely everything. I can't figure it out. Please help! Page i'm struggling with: audreyholmesmusic.webs.com/testhome.htm Let me know if 'view source' doesnt work and you need the code.
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