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    Need some advice

    I have coded a small/medium sized project in raw PHP5 (it is a site monitoring service that utilizes cURL)...but I want it to be as secure, maintainable, and robust as possible. In lieu of using a full fledged framework like Zend, what are my other alternatives?My code is not complex and I am not using any package manager or anything. Just php files and a database. If you want to look at my code I can send it to you, so let me know. I have only been coding for a few years so I do plan on hiring someone to review and optimize it because it will be for a paid service, so I need it to be bulletproof (just saying this incase you look at it, its pretty much pre-alpha quality).- James
  2. Hmm I got it working but with Why does this work even though we are targeting the second element in the child???
  3. This page: http://seamlesstheme...hips360/splash/ You have to scroll down for the animations to kick in. I am trying to float the .span4 in the second set of items to the right
  4. I am trying to float the second image right, but nth-of-type and nth-child are not working...http://seamlessthemes.com/demo/scholarships360/splash/
  5. yes your right, that was stupid on my part....little sleep
  6. Sir, I am just not sure how to get it working...I am not looking for the answer, just any advice as to why it is not working. It is pretty much just code to check for a valid credit card but I am trying to use the Luhn formula because I am looking at payment gateways.
  7. Hi I am doing a Luhn problem for exercise, but cannot get it! Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/jPUE7/ ANY advice is appreciated
  8. My code not close for storage? I was advised to use localStorage over cookies by someone on JavaScript IRC chat.
  9. I have a message bar that I made, but am not the best with scripting, so not sure how to handle the local storage Here is what I have so far http://jsfiddle.net/nDtWM/16/ I believe I have it rigged so it is persistent until the user clears the cache, but am not sure. Also, it does not work so I cannot know Any advice is appreciated.
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