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  1. I am new to Java and I want to create a public boolean in one Public class and set it with an expression, then I want to use that in all packages. I know that I need to sent a Pulic boolean like such public booealn cs1500Job;then import that package in all the other packages but it doesn't seem to work can it be done and if so how? main class code package com.nortel.nds.server.common;...........public class DLINEINVBuilder extends DLINEBuilder{ public boolean CS1500Job;............ public DLINEINVBuilder(AbstractModel oldModel, AbstractModel newModel) { super(oldModel, newModel); Properties convProps = sourceModel.getConversionProperties(); [b]CS1500Job[/b] = YES.equals(convProps.getProperty(PROCCHOICES+CS1500_Job));........ if (![b]CS1500Job[/b]) { this.tableIDXXREF = (AbstractTable) targetModel.getTable("IDXXREF"); } Other Class code. public class DLINEINVBasher extends BaseBasher{ ................. public List<String> process() throws TransformerException { ArrayList<String> results = new ArrayList<String>(); if ([b]CS1500Job[/b]) { System.out.println("Line 96"); if (bashMode == null) { results.add("No Bash Mode was selected!"); return results; }.............
  2. It is A processor specific one, That was what I was afraid of, the Java Code is Propritary. Thanks for the reply.
  3. .I built a variable in RuleStore/ESS5E/ESS5E-DMSLINES.xsl called cs1500Job and it works fine in that style sheet. <xsl:variable name="cs1500Job" select="dserv:getProperty($sourceModel,'ProcChoicesCS1500Job')"/>I want to use it in another style sheet RuleStore/DMS100/DLINEINV-Export_BASH.xsl I tried building it the same in this style sheet but I get the following error:java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: For extension function, could not find method java.lang.String.getProperty([ExpressionContext,] #STRING).: I have tried to build it several different ways with no luck, I also tried to include and import ESS5E/ESS5E-DMSLINES.xslNo Luck. Can anyone tell me how to use a variable in one style sheet in a different style sheet?
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