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  1. You cannot execute a PHP script in a .html file. You might have seen websites like http://example.com/page/home.html, they simply use mod url rewrite for that.
  2. I'd suggest you using file_get_contents, it's easier. However there are tons of examples on Google about how to use curl to get site content, it's pretty easy too.
  3. You can either use PHP cURL or file_get_contents() function to grab the webpage and then simply echo it. :-)
  4. PHP has a function for this, str_word_count($rows['decision']);
  5. @up, your script wont work, i see some errors. Here it is :-) <?php $glob = glob('../../_documents/*.*'); if(isset($glob) && is_array($glob)) { foreach ( $glob as $file) { $fileName = basename($file); if ($fileName != 'index.php') { echo '<li>'.$fileName.'</li>'; } } } elseif(empty($glob)) { echo '<li>There are currently no files in this folder.</li>'; } else { echo '<li>Something went wrong.</li>'; }?>
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