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  1. If you want to display text you need to use echo. Also <? did not work so i used <?php instead. <html><head><title><?php echo "Welcome to my Web Site!";?></title></head><body><?php$date = "July 26, 2007";?><p>Today's date is <?php echo $date; ?></p></body></html>
  2. huw008

    Adding Html To Php

    You could just add a backslash before each quote. <a href=\"http://www.mysite.com/thankyou.html\">MySite</a>
  3. Put clear: left; in the footer's css and it should work.
  4. huw008

    Table-less layout

    Thanks my text in my divs dont expand no more.
  5. You can compare sites here http://browsershots.org/ closest you gonna get to a Browser Validator.
  6. I leaned XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL on w3schools it has been alot of help.
  7. huw008


    I'm Trying to get the sidebar to the right side of the content.I also need it so it works in ie.Site: http://huwdp.110mb.com/testCSS: http://huwdp.110mb.com/test/style.cssHope it helps
  8. huw008


    New Look: Alot Better than the old one but it would look nice if it was not muilti colour.Skin changer would be nice too.
  9. huw008


    Hey that helped me alot you safe'd me Thanks.
  10. huw008


    At the moment to space the table with <p>Is there a way i could space it with CSS?IEhttp://s159.photobucket.com/albums/t148/hu...netexplorer.pngFFhttp://s159.photobucket.com/albums/t148/hu...ent=firefox.png
  11. huw008


    Thanks im gonna try improve it.
  12. huw008


    Well i wanted an opinion on this. Nice one there.
  13. Just you'se one thing .png
  14. huw008


    Hi my name is Huw im 14 i've created a site named HuwDP after my name.I make Tools like:Havent named it yetHuwPicHuw SearchSite here please comment on the design and how to improve this.
  15. huw008


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