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  1. Hi all, I found this CSS feature while checking QuirksMode.org I never came across before. It seems interesting. I just can't think of a time when I would use it.Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks guys! JDL
  2. Bad news.According to this page: http://www.quirksmode.org/css/background.html#sizeIE8 does not handle this atribute Can one get this done with Javascript then? If so what would be the code? Thanks guys, JDL
  3. I need this to work for IE8 though (WinXP). I have tried this: div{background:url(image location) no-repeat;background-size:200% 200px;} Not working.Could it be browser related? Btw, it doesn't matter if the image deforms. Thanks guys! JDL
  4. dsonesuk, thanks replying :)I should be using a debugger. I know now that I was so stuck with that issue just because I didn't close the iframe tag JDL
  5. Mind you due to the work environment technical restrictions I can only use IE8.The OS is WinXP. For some reason that I'm failing to spot, I can't have both things at the same time. Is either the iframe tag or the textarea tag. I wonder if it's a limitation of IE8, or I'm just doing a "big NO NO". I would appreciate it if someone could enlighten me with this ;)Notice that if you are to remove the Comments tags from the iframe tag the textarea tag will no longer show. <html><head> <style type="text/css">div.c_notes { position:relative; width:400px; height=auto; left:600px; top:-600px;border:1px solid black;}div.d_titles2 { position:relative; width:1000px; height=35px; left:400px; top:-300px;background-color:000;border:1px solid black;}div.b_titles1 { position:relative; left:200px; top:-200px;height=35px; background-color:000; border:1px solid black;}div.c2_sources { position:relative; width:300px; height=298px; background-color:fff; left:182px; top:-10px;border:1px dashed green;} h5 {font-family:arial, sans-serif; /}h3 {font-family:verdana,sans-serif;/}th {font-family:verdana,sans-serif; color:ffffff;/}font {font-family:calibri, arial, verdana, sans-serif; margin-left:10px; /}font.smll {font-family:verdana,sans-serif; font-size:9pt;color:ffffff;/}td {background-color:white;}img.de3symb {margin-left:10px; /} /* padding-left:2cm; */ </style> </head><body> <div class="c2_sources"> <table> <tr> <td><!-- <iframe src="c2cbuttons.htm" scrolling="no" width="400px" > --> </td> </tr> </table></div> <div class="b_titles1" style="width:400px;"> Notes </div> <textarea cols="54" rows="16" scrolling="auto" style="background-color:#e8edef;color:000;font-family:verdana,arial;" >Replace this text with your own notes - Warning:Your notes will be erased should you refresh/reload this page.</textarea> </div> <!-- Notes ends --> <div class="d_titles2"><font> This is some text to fill in the cells. This is some text to fill in the cells. This is some text to fill in the cells.</font></div> </body></html>
  6. Dou! I didn't see your post Don E Thanks a bunch anyway JDL
  7. Nevermind guys! I believe I found it! <input type=button style="color:#ffffff; background:#123456;" value=Colorful>JDL
  8. I haven't been able to find how to change the color of a regular form button.Unfortunately I need to do this for IE8 Thanks guys, JDL
  9. Hi all, I'm a total rookie with JS, I know HTML & CSS though.I was hoping someone could tell me how formatting of text is done in JS.More specifically, I am trying to use this JS popup window, but I would love to be able to format its contents (font family, font weight, window padding, etc). Thanks in advance guys JDL
  10. Thanks a bunch guys! The Shared Docs did the trick!JDL
  11. I hope this is not too confusing...My wife and I have separate Windows accounts, and there are some files I want her to have access to. Instead of creating a second set of files for her I thought maybe I could just email her links to those files. I know HTML and some CSS, but I can't figure out what the syntax would look when those files are not in the web. Can someone please enlighten me? Thanks in advance,JDL
  12. Yeah, thanks I guess I should look into PDA forums then.JDL
  13. Actually, all I want is to practice CSS for learning purposes. If I have to learn stuff specific to the Palm screen it wouldn't bother me.JDL
  14. Is there a way to do this?Now, note that I'm not intending to do the coding in a pc and then read it in a Palm. That is easy. What I need is to do the actual coding in the Palm itself.Thanks in advance,JDL
  15. Thanks guys :)Skemcin, thank you kindly for your time and words. Based on your advice/explanation, I guess I'll wait and see how people react to the web site and maybe a couple of surveys/polls, and take it from there. If they are to see the value in our purpose then the forum has to work, because it's the kind of thing that can benefit greatly from the exchange of ideas and sense of community, support each other, etc. Sorry I'm so hush hush about it, but I have an understanding with a partner and well, you how these things are Btw, should the people want a forum, and it were to be somewhat busy, would this mean it could be a full time (8hrs) job?Have a good one now,JDL
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