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  1. hello Ryan! thanks ive solve the problem i dont know what exactly happen but when i applied this code it turns out OK. check this code: .nav{ height: 40px; width:auto;height: 40px;width:auto;position:fixed;z-index: 100;} and cheers for that!
  2. good day! so im working on a certain parallax website, newbie here aneways. The problem is i want my navigation bar to be transparent just like this site : http://www.xplaye.com/en/ i tried using opacity and background :transparent but it does not work at all. it only gives me a navigation that has a white background and i really want it to be transparent as if menu items were floating. anyone who has an idea? answers are greatly appreciated. thanks a lot CHEERS! heres my css : .nav{ height: 40px; width:auto;}.nav ul li{ list-style:none; text-decoration:none; display: inline
  3. @scout1idf Thanks a lot!! it works ur so great:) CHEERS!
  4. Good day! how can i get rid of those extra space on my dropdwon menus? (see attachment) any ideas? thanks a lot! Cheers! neways heres my code <div class="nav"> <ul> <li>Contacts</li> <li>e-Book</li> <li>Blog</li> <li>Projects <ul> <li>On-going Projects List</li> <li>Completed Project List</li> <li>Project Gallery</li> </ul></li> <li><
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