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  1. Yeah, if you guys want the files I can attach them. The page with the current form is here http://www.rnfa.org/brochurerequest.html It might ask you to fill in an entered site thing if you click it, just pick arbitrary values and type test in the name and test@test.com for the email. This is the page I made with the box. That's not exactly what it'll say, but it's a draft. http://www.rnfa.org/test_brochurerequest.html
  2. Tried that, when I click submit the browser stops on a blank page at "Http://website.com/email.php" and doesn't go through to the thank you page, nor does it send anything.
  3. Do you think it's possible to have the checkbox not as part of the form, but instead something that will trigger Javascript to change the entire form? For instance, if not checked, the for will stay as is, but if checked, an entirely different form will be present, but the only difference between the two would be the action.
  4. I have no idea, I didn't build this page. I'm just trying to edit it. The problem with the php page is that it's all streamlined and really interconnected, and I didn't build it either. And every time I try to change it, it stops working. Perhaps because I am an incompetent fool, I don't know. I know that if I could get the checkbox to lead to a different php page I could copy the email.php and make a few changes to just the values in order to get it to send a different message to someone else. The php was a prebuilt bit of code that the company bought before I started working here and I don't
  5. My name is Hudson, I'm 17 and I live in the U.S. I have one of those jobs that is just "IT." By that I mean that I don't have a specific duty, or team role, I just do everything IT related with my company. I make webpages and alter the current ones for our websites, manage the scripts and databes, and manage the email server. I also create the advertisements and images (with very little room for my own creativity) and I troubleshoot other computers in the office. I am ok with HTML and a novice in PHP and Javascript. W3schools is my haven because if I want to get paid more, I constantly
  6. Not sure if this has been asked before. I did a search but couldn't find it. If this does end up being a duplicate thread, my bad. So I have this form, and what it does is it takes the information that the user inputs and sends it via email to us using a PHP script when submit is clicked. The information is sent to us in a certain way that fits into our client relationship manager nicely. But what the script does is another story. I'm concerned about the HTML. Looks kinda like this. <form action="email.php" class="container" id="mail" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" la
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