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  1. Thanks for u r reply i have already gone through some of website which u provide but it cant useful.....I attached a image(Aslike) if u look at this one Arrow mark is present if i user want to see a full content then he click at arrow it will collapse and if he want it Can Expandable by click Arrow.I have tried Menu(Mine) .i want similar to that Kindly help on this ??
  2. I had Menu in left page and content have to show a right side of page by frame..so now am facing one problem by frameset(i.e) one is on click of Menu link automatically have to be disappear the content have to show in full page after user may select other Link at the time Menu have to Appear By using Menu icon How to do it .??Any idea to avoid Frame-set menu.html <div class="menu" style="display: none;"> <div id="dropdownleft"> <ul style="display: none;" contentindex="0c" class="submenu"> <li><a target="content" href="jsp/Executive/Executive.html">Executive Dashboard</a></li> <!--<li><a target ="content" href="jsp/newsalereport/newsalereportmasterpage.html">New Sales Report</a> </li> --> <li><a target="content" href="jsp/saleanalysis/salenanalysismasterpage.html">Sales Analysis</a></li> <li><a target="content" href="jsp/itemwise/itemwisemasterpage.html">Itemwise Dashboard</a></li> <li><a target="content" href="jsp/Reports/cascade.html">Group-Wise Dashboard</a></li> <!--<li><a target="content" href="jsp/Executive/Topandbottom.html">Top-Bottom Report</a> </li>--> </ul> </div> <div> cafe.html <frameset rows="36,*,36" frameborder="0"> <frame src="footer/topfooter.html" name="topFrame" scrolling="no"> <frameset cols="230,*" frameborder="0" border="0" framespacing="0"> <frame src ="menu.html" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" /> <frame name="content" src ="" /> </frameset> <frame src="footer/bottomfooter.html" name="linksFrame" scrolling="no"> </frameset>
  3. first of all thanks for u r reply ..As of Old thread i came up for clear a previous value it had been worked perfectly by setting null.so in this thread my problem is to remove NULL Value if select box contain and other one is to hide a default Select box and display Jquery UI select box with Auto complete function when combination of Radio button click as mention by above post Using only by ID OR NAME of element
  4. Thanks for reply.Here is my code and screen shot ...In screen-shot all drop down all are visible i don't want that in on-load it have to be hide and click of Radio button drop-down want to display with auto complete but here i had click of Maingroup and country but it had dispalyed a default listbox i dont want that ..it have to hide and display a jquery dropdown with auto complete and Null Value wants to remove if it contain and it have to be do by only ID OR NAME auto.html
  5. Thank for reply and effort .Now User can click any two Radio button by this combination ...so now two list box will appear.In my project i will customize by ID or NAME Only.In previous thread i had take it by ID. Here i want to do two point 1.One is to show/hide a combo box with auto complete by clicking of radio button by hiding a default select box . 2.if it Select box contain Null value or Empty Value Remove that Value. I hope u will understood.Kindly help on this by Using ID or Name only... My Requirement: **(Main Group and Country)or(Main Group and Zone)or(Main Group and State) or(Main Group and City)or(Main Group and Area Manager)or(Main Group and Outlet) **(Sub Group and Country)or(Sub Group and Zone)or(Sub Group and State)or (Sub Group and City)or(Sub Group and Area Manager)or(Sub Group and Outlet) **(Item Name and Country)or (Item Name and Zone) or(Item Name and State) or (Item Name and City)or(Item Name and Area Manager)or(Item Name and Outlet)
  6. The drop-down doesn't disappear once switched from one selected option to the next option For instance if click of Radio button main group the drop down display now again clicking of country its also displaying but if i click subgroup ,main group drop down is not clearing and if i click item group ,subgroup and main group is not clear <script>(function ($) {$.widget("custom.combobox", {_create: function () {this.wrapper = $("<span>").addClass("custom-combobox").insertAfter(this.element);this.element.hide();this._createAutocomplete();this._createShowAllButton();},_createAutocomplete: function () {var selected = this.element.children(":selected"),value = selected.val() ? selected.text() : "";this.input = $("<input>").appendTo(this.wrapper).val(value).attr("title", "").attr("id", "sss").addClass("custom-combobox-input ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-state-default ui-corner-left").autocomplete({delay: 0,minLength: 0,source: $.proxy(this, "_source")}).tooltip({tooltipClass: "ui-state-highlight"});this._on(this.input, {autocompleteselect: function (event, ui) {ui.item.option.selected = true;this._trigger("select", event, {item: ui.item.option});},autocompletechange: "_removeIfInvalid"});}, Reference the link http://jsfiddle.net/dvx53/26/
  7. sorry for late reply am out of town ...let i try to explain the thing is normally i entered into java script by the element of ID or NAME now am dealing with SELECT without OPTGROUP......depending on radio button list box have to display other to be clear or remove in browser 1). User: Select MAIN-GROUP and COUNTRY radio buttons. Program: Display select boxes for MAIN-GROUP and COUNTRY.function: Display Some data for MAIN-GROUP and COUNTRY2) User: Select MAIN-GROUP and STATE radio buttons. Program: Display select boxes for MAIN-GROUP and STATE.function: Display Some data for MAIN-GROUP and STATE but notPROBLEM: IF i select from MAIN-GROUP and STATE DISPLAYING a Data for MAIN-GROUP and COUNTRY only...Reason: It's not clear a previous option of MAIN-GROUP and COUNTRY list box Value so i tried to remove option temporarily ..in browser. SOLUTION:: if i set NULL VALUE manually to each selection before other selection it will display a correct data ...so user can't set null value before other selection so the solution is to clear a value or remove option temporarily...in browser
  8. thanks for effort Hadien...i will follow that.... Let i explain clearly Top row :main group,sub group,item name bottom row:country,zone,state,...etc.... now user can select any one in top and below is mandatory ...but now according to radio button list box value will display correctly but if i select MAIN-GROUP AND COUNTRY ..pass value displaying value in table correctly again if i select MAIN-GROUP and STATE pass value at the time also MAIN-GROUP AND COUNTRY value only displaying in table .....so i preferred to go depending on selection other to be clear.....or to set some null value ....??? and other thing is if i select MAIN-GROUP AND COUNTRY ..correctly display value in table again if i select MAIN-GROUP and STATE if i set manually to NULL VALUE to country then correctly display for MAIN-GROUP and STATE ..so user cant set null value to each list box so only go for clear it... am new to script sorry for my bad English .......
  9. I have created a radio button on click listbox will display now if user click a one radio button listbox value will display in table but again user select other option at that time it displaying same table with same value so its not clear a previous value of listbox value ...so i have thougth that to clear full listbox value or listbox??? <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">function fun(s){if(s=={document.getElementById("maingroup").style.display='none';document.getElementById("subgroup").style.display='';document.getElementById("itemname").style.display='none';}if(s==C){document.getElementById("maingroup").style.display='none';document.getElementById("subgroup").style.display='none';document.getElementById("itemname").style.display='';}</script> here is the full example in Jsfiddle http://jsfiddle.net/senthil4040/LUY3J/ kindly help on this Am new to script????
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