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  1. Hi,I want to use the Parent - Child feature for inline style code only.I cannot affect the header code whatsoever for this purpose, so inline is the only way I can accomplish what I want.With external CSS you can write: div table {background-color:red;} and it should (if I wrote the example correctly) set a table's background to red only if it is enclosed within a set of div tags.what if you wanted to use an inline CSS code? That is, if I started with this (inside HTML of course): <div style="???"><table><tr><td>Hello W3Schools</td></tr></table><
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    Hi,I was about to post a queston about table attributes myself, but this thread answered most of them -- thanks!But I will append my unanswered questions here. But first a little background.I am building a PHP function that will return a table, I want the users to be able to determine many attributes of how it will render -- fonts, background colors etc. In the old days, each attribute would need a parameter. Now, with CSS, I have one parameter, $table_style, that gets passed in by the user (with a default setting). Because this dnynamically renders I need to use the 'inline' method for applyi
  3. Hi, I posted something like this b4. But I've gotten a little closer, so I hope someone will be able to get me the 'rest of the way'.So I put together a simple form and I wanted to make it bi-lingual. I can make the labels and fieldset english or spanish (using technique not shown) and then swapping out the english and spanish values of 'Click Here' and 'No Click Here' I can even make the buttons bi-lingual. ('Chasque Aquí' and 'Ningún Chasque Aquí') <form action="form_results.php" method="post" name="My SignOn" id="My SignOn"><fieldset><legend>My Logon</legend><p&g
  4. Hi,Lots of people seem to have told you about writing scripts in PHP or ColdFusion or whatever, and as a PHP guy I fully support that you might want to take the next step and learn one of these tools.However, I think most people have forgottten that there is a plain-old HTML down and dirty method to do what you want.That is, allow a visitor to your site communicate with you without needing to have an email window 'pop-up' for that communication (it is a pain for the user, and often just doesn't work on public computers).You simply create your form in HTML as you already know how to do. (Usuall
  5. Hi,I had a site that I used a very simplistive version of MVC, where the main script reacted to the value of the 'button' attribute of a form. (I use PHP, but it renders HTML [XHTML hopefully] and my question is that.)But, I also wanted to use a translation technique where all the directions and labels and responses depend on the selected language.I was able to do this, but since the value of the button with the <input /> tag was what controlled my logic, I thought I was screwed. But then I found the <button></button> tags!If I had <input type="submit" value="Beer" /> I
  6. First post, so be gentle I have a great css block for a very cool scrolling table technique (http://cssplay.co.uk/menu/tablescroll.html) and part of the css is the width of the columns. So I have a php function to take db results and render a table, so I want to be able to dynamically render the css as I call this function so that column widths will be conmensurate with the data.(so why isn't this being posted on a php forum or among the css topics?)Well, it is because this is about the HTML of it all.Accoring to w3school tutorials and all, the <style> tags (where I can embed a bunch o
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