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  1. Thank you,Mr. thescientist. I posted the code in early threads and forgot to put it here. I will get back after I do more research.
  2. Dear experts, I have 2 questions about my UI project: 1. I am trying to draw a line chart (e.g.: <http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=SPY+Interactive#symbol=spy;range=1y;compare=;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined;> ) using a list of numbers retrieved from a file in chronicle order (exactly as the sample chart shows). Are there any existing libraries that can help me with this project? 2. Currently I am using 'div' in my html file to set up layouts, and using 'checkbox' to call the javascript function that is used to process the data. When I clicked the checkbox, the data (chart later) took the whole screen. Is there any way to keep the data (later will be the chart) in a specific area? Will div do it? Or frame? Thank you. Rose
  3. Dave & thescientist, Thanks for pointing out the right track to me.
  4. Hi, thescientist, There are 2 files here. One is .html, the first 1/2. One is hello.txt. Both files will be running on internal server so no security issues. What I am trying to achieve is to retrieve data from hello.txt and expect to show it on the webpage.I put them on the same location. If you try that, you will see the pop up window called by Alert.I am new to Ajax, XML and Javascript and wonder whether there is any to by pass using all of them to minimize the complexity.Thanks.
  5. Hi, Dave,It's not working. I put both files on the same path.I tried the sample file you sent, copied and pasted the html as .html, and 2 lines of Ajax as ajax_info.txt. Nothing was sent back after I clicked the button. Did I miss anything?
  6. Dear all,Again, this is my first UI project. I am trying to retrieve data from a plaintext file "hello.txt' and print it on the screen. Alert works fine but I do need to save the data into an array or string(?), then print them out.However, I've been frustrating since print, show don't seem to work. I will parse the file and print it out using the correct format. But is there anyway that I can print them out to make sure they are here?My code looks like:<!DOCTYPE html><head><title>Ajax Test</title><script type="text/javascript"> var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xmlHttp.open("GET", "hello.txt", true); xmlHttp.addEventListener("load", ajaxCallback, false); xmlHttp.send(null); function ajaxCallback(event){ alert( "Your file contains the text: n" + event.target.responseText ); }</script></head><body></body></html>Hello.txt is: 08/28/2013 16:58:20 68 08/28/2013 16:58:21 299 08/28/2013 16:58:22 403 08/28/2013 16:58:23 1008 08/28/2013 16:58:24 1139 08/28/2013 16:58:25 926 08/28/2013 16:58:26 1287 08/28/2013 16:58:27 1457 08/28/2013 16:58:28 1175 08/28/2013 16:58:29 1207 08/28/2013 16:58:30 1132 08/28/2013 16:58:31 1196 08/28/2013 16:58:32 1362 08/28/2013 16:58:33 1255 08/28/2013 16:58:34 1243 08/28/2013 16:58:35 1173 08/28/2013 16:58:36 1187 08/28/2013 16:58:37 1354 08/28/2013 16:58:50 1292 08/28/2013 16:58:51 1205 08/28/2013 16:58:52 1258 08/28/2013 16:58:53 1261
  7. Thanks, Dave.The whole project is for internal testing only.The html/javascript could co-exist with the file that it's going to access.Will javascript work too? If using server side code, what will you recommend?Rgds,Rose
  8. Dear experts,I am trying to write Javascript in HTML to access a plain file. Can any of you please recommend open source library for javascript so it will save me time to do the job?Thank youRose
  9. Dear experts,I am trying to write Javascript in HTML to access a plain file. Can any of you please recommend open source library for javascript so it will save me time to do the job?Thank youRose
  10. Thanks Day and DaveJ !!!! They are very good pointers that will save me a lot time....
  11. Dear All, I am new to this forum so I apologize first if anyone asked this before. Further more, my questions might be basic as I had little experience. Currently I am trying to design a UI to access back end database. The front page should look like: Header Chart Menu 1 Menu 2 Menu 3 Table There are short lists of check boxes in each menu and a longer list of check boxes in the table. Once one or more check boxes are picked, the chart will access the database and draw char 1 or chart 1 & 2 on the UI page. The data is **Live** Chart 1. If I decide to have Chart 2 (still planning), then Chart 2 should access **Existing** excel chart files that haven been generated already. Example of Chart 1 is <http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=%5EIXIC+Interactive#symbol=%5Eixic;range=1d;compare=;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined;> The two types of UI drafts are in the attached screenshots. My questions are: 1. Where to start? There are 2 parts: lay out and access the back end database. Should database be considered too while design the UI? Any difference for the UI codes (html/css/javascript) if to access MySQL or Oracle SQL ? And what language to use to access the database? 2. What are the best languages to design this UI layout? I did some research, html (div or table) might work but I am not sure it's good enough. Maybe html plus .css to format the layout? How about Javascript? What can it do here? 3. Any other pointers that I can't think of? Your sharing of experience is highly appreciated. Rose
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