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    Help with a game

    Yeah I noticed the game is expensive that's why I'd prefere a cheaper way
  2. Set

    Help with a game

    Yeah thanksI was having trouble earlier I was only finding it for like three hundred dollars
  3. Set

    Help with a game

    Hello I know this has nothing to do with scripting but I don't know where to go.I've been playing a game on the playstation one I got from my dad, called "Thousand Arms" it's a pretty cool game, but I didn't know it required a disk two and my dad doesn't have it, and finding it us hard and not to mention expensive. I was wondering if I could burn the data onto a old different playstation game and do it that way. If you know of a better way please let me know.
  4. Sorry for quitting and having my account deleted I was having a very bad day-woman related problem, and I got stressed

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