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  1. Well You have to root to change the font. It's a system setting.Apple cables are NOT compatible with Android. completely different ports. Apple use 30pin or Lightning, Android use MicroUSB. or get help through http://www.mobile-phone.pk
  2. Well the basic question is: 1. Is it free?2. And where do I download it?Thanks
  3. its best to just get a large picture and use the stretch check box when setting a background.
  4. Good but You first convert 40 square meters to Kilograms.
  5. You could use the fuzzy select and select the white and delete it.Or, you could select the white, and change the color to alpha...I forget which menu that's in.(If you do the alpha, save it as a .PNG file)
  6. can a painting or a plant filmstrip be copyrighted?
  7. Well I gota copy of photoshop 7 for dummies its great,
  8. click paint bucketand click black,and click the background!
  9. Hello everyone i am new to this website my name is badra malik and i am from Islamabad doing my BSc in computer science from VU university.Nice to meeting you all.
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