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  1. first thanks for fast reply, secound, i tryid both in alt container and in bund (footer) without luck, could you please be more specifik where ? all containers are articles
  2. hey everyone, i have been sitting and trying to figure out my "footer" but without succes, what i want is my class "bund" to stay at bottom of the class "siden" i use siden to have all the other article in it, i dont want it to stay at bottom if theres no text on site, i just want it to float to bottom of the content. right now its like 10 px above the bottom, and i cant get it down so its margin 0. so thats why i asking in here. hope some can help fast. how its look with the code http://www.miltons.dk/nya/ Temi this my "php" <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="da"> <head
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