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  1. I did an attempt at filling in paint but ofc its a fail and would take ages to outline the bits aorund the character it misses. ill do it if necessary not that much of a big deal however wondered if theres an easier way. Is photoshop the tool for this? If so how would i do it with that?
  2. Still a real noob here. Here is my code: <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style>body{background-color:black}h1{background-color:#00ff00;}p{background-color:rgb(255,0,255);}</style></head><body><center><h1>Welcome to my Cool Website!</h1></center><p>This is a paragraph.</p><audio controls autoplay> <source src="aroundtheworld.ogg" type="audio/ogg"> <source src="aroundtheworld.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">Your browser does not support the audio element.</audio></body></html> As far as I can tell the paths are ok on my hard drive but when I hit refresh nothing happens. If i hit refresh again the player does show up (whereas it didnt before) but the track listing shows 0.00 and nothing plays. Edit: hmm jsut tried it with: <audio src="aroundtheworld.mp3" autoplay></audio> and put in root so I guess the folders were wrong somehow.
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