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  1. I have a page that uses the <table> attribute 3 times, but want to apply my css to only one of the tables. How do I specify just one of the tables for these attributes?
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    Table row colors

    Hi, I have created a table where each row is an alternating color green then cream then green etc. My html looks like: <table border="2" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" width="90%"><tr bgcolor="pms3275"><td width="25%"><font color="white">PRODUCT NUMBER</font></td><td width="20%"><font color="white">DESCRIPTION</font></td><td width="5%"><font color="white">DURO METER</font></td><td width="25%"><font color="white">SIZE</font></td><td width="5%"><font color="white">UNIT
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